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Friday, January 25th, 2008

Too soon to panic

The Hays County Commissioners Court has approved $1.6 million in parks bond money to support youth football fields in San Marcos. But it's still too soon to panic that the court has lost track of the county's parks master plan.

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008

Faith-based argument

HaysCAN President Charles O'Dell would have us believe the commissioners court is funding a faith-based organization by issuing $1.6 million towards infrastructure for youth football fields. Is he right?

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008

Sumter’s double whammy

Hays County Judge Liz Sumter took a double whammy at Tuesday's meeting of the commissioners court. When she unnecessarily recused herself from a controversial matter, she couldn't even pick who got the gavel.

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

Staples Road is where the sidewalk begins for Wallace addition

The long-awaited sidewalk is also evidence of the city’s significant backlog of unfunded infrastructure projects and the challenges of getting capital improvements done when construction material costs keep rising.

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

Housing forecast slow, steady

The local housing outlook is better than the national forecast. As the corridor from Buda to San Marcos continues to draw residents and businesses, the local housing market is expected to hold steady, if slightly slow.

Thursday, January 10th, 2008

Long road … surprise finish?

Not so long ago, a plan for state funds to support road improvements in eastern Hays County seemed lost. Now, the Interstate-35 area could receive more state money than originally planned.

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

Nearly a year away, mayoral campaigns get started, quietly

By BRAD ROLLINS Managing Editor The last city council election was not yet a month past when the next one got started with a faceoff between Mayor Susan Narvaiz and a potential council rival for the top...

Thursday, January 3rd, 2008

Primary fights in San Marcos

The political primary season for the next couple months will be light through most of Hays County, but San Marcos could be a rollicking exception.

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

PHYLLIS HUNT BLOG: Business climate equals quality of life

By PHYLLIS HUNT In today’s world, thanks to relentless media coverage and the pressure to perform at the top – we see the general public viewing business more and more as “the enemy”. Profit today seems to...

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

GUEST COLUMN: October is Texas Archaeology Awareness Month. Is City Hall aware?

Everything is set for the start of construction on the three-mile Wonder World Drive extension. Except for answers to questions about the extent of an Archaic Era archaeological site that lies in the congestion relief route's path.

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