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  • May 12, 2015
  • The Mercury Staff
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May 12th, 2015
‘The Life of Norman Rockwell’

Art historian Julie Agar will discuss prolific American artist and illustrator Norman Rockwell in the second of two lectures on the arts offered this week at the New Braunfels Public Library.

Rockwell’s iconic paintings from the early and mid-20th century include some of the most recognizable and familiar images of daily life in America. Brimming with optimism and joy, Rockwell’s decades of creations depicted the bright side of life in America during times of hardship in the Great Depression and during World War II. His popular paintings graced the cover of the Saturday Evening Post for decades.

Agar will share her insight into the life and work of Rockwell and will offer her views on the controversial recent biography “American Mirror: The Life and Art of Norman Rockwell” by Deborah Solomon.

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