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VIDEO: H-E-B discussion begins at 38:10 with an overview from city planner Alison Brake followed by a briefing from H-E-B real estate director Ben Scott 

July 27th, 2016
Video: San Marcos P&Z approves H-E-B plans for new Wonder World store


H-E-B’s plans for a new grocery store at the intersection of Hunter Road and Wonder World Drive won a favorable recommendation on Tuesday from the San Marcos Planning & Zoning Commission.

Planning commissioners voted 5-2, with two absent members, to approve the company’s request for a planned development district that allows for construction of a 60,000-square-foot store on 6.4 acres.

Angie Ramirez, Lee Porterfield, Saul Gonzalez, Douglas Beckett and Shawn Dupont voted in favor of the proposal with Kate McCarty and chairman Travis Kelsey dissenting. Two members, Jim Garber and Betseygail Rand, were not present.

The San Marcos City Council is expected to consider the development district, and complementary comprehensive plan amendment, at its Aug. 2 meeting.


New H-E-B project summary for San Marcos Planning and Zoning Commission | 07/26/16 [pdf]

New H-E-B city staff analysis for San Marcos Planning and Zoning Commission | 07/26/16 [pdf]

New H-E-B project location maps | 07/26/16 [pdf]

New H-E-B development agreement | 07/26/16 [pdf]

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9 thoughts on “Video: San Marcos P&Z approves H-E-B plans for new Wonder World store

  1. Bad place for the store and resulting traffic – as others have said.
    P&Z just falling into line on develop, develop, develop. To heck with the quality of life.

  2. HEB is a great cooperate citizen. I’m sure it will be a well designed area friendly store that will help serve the community.

  3. How dare they secure a location on the underserved south side of town, near two main thoroughfares and in an area that’s already heavily developed commercially? How dare they?!?!?!?

  4. Yes, one can drive to 3 HEBs on the same road, however, to get to the big HEB if one lives on the south side of town you may consider yourself very lucky not to be stopped by passing trains at least once, coming or going. As for the traffic, how many times do the citizens of this town use the too small post office? Why weren’t you people up in arms about the location of that fiasco?

  5. They should have put it on east side of I-35. Plenty of land for sale and NO grocery stores. I agree that traffic getting to this HEB is going to be just as bad as trying to get to the other two for residents living southeast SM. Such a bummer. I was so happy to hear about a new store until I saw location choice. I prefer HEB, but mainly shop Target and Sam’s for convenience.

  6. My guess is HEB will open this store as a long-term replacement to the Little HEB on W. Hopkins, which we will be sad to see go. It’s telling that as part of the agreement, HEB has agreed to operate the Little HEB for another nine years. To me, that says everything about their intention with this location.

    They may still build a larger store across from the Amazon distribution center on the east side of I-35. Given enough growth in San Marcos, which will primarily take place to the south and east of town, both stores could be viable.

    It’s disappointing that the location has to be right at that corner, but this town is growing. And who knows? They may be able to put a store there without causing flooding problems. I’m inclined to trust HEB more than some random apartment developer.

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