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February 18th, 2016
Three San Marcos P&Z commissioners among dozens of new board appointments


The San Marcos City Council appointed two new planning and zoning commissioners and reappointed a third on Tuesday during an annual restocking of 16 municipal boards and commissions.

The council filled a total off 66 vacant positions on panels ranging from the airport advisory board to the zoning board of adjustments.

Angie Ramirez, a seamstress and clothing designer, was named to a second three-year term along with Texas Lutheran University associate math professor Betsey Gail Rand and mortgage broker Lee Porterfield. Council members chose from 12 applicants for the positions.

P&Z chair Chris Wood and vice chair Kenneth Ehlers were not eligible for reappointment; planning commissioners are limited to serving two full terms consecutively.

Other appointments made this week by the city council:

Airport Advisory Board

Chuck NashJohn Cyrier
Dan Gibson
Jason Montgomery
Tom Roach

Animal Shelter Advisory Board

Steven Heath
Kara Montiel
Bill Kuykendall

Arts Commission

Joe Ptak
Christine Terrell
Darin Wood
Dahlia Woods
Stephen Black

Citizen Utility Advisory Board

Rodney van Ouderkerke

Convention and Visitors Bueau

Lance Spruiell
John Lairsen
Rafael Garcia
Sonya Garcia
Josh Wittenburg
Omar Dawoud

Economic Development San Marcos

Ben Cloutier
Bucky Couch
Ruben Becerra
Joe Kenworthy
Eugene Bourgeois
David Sergi
Debbie Ingalsbe

Ethics Review Commission

Naomi Narvaiz

Historical Preservation Commission

G. Clarke Hammond
Bob Holder

San Marcos Housing Authority

Gloria Salazar
David Peterson

Library Board

Joan Nagel
Joanne Engel
Carolina Martinez
William Cunningham

Main Street Advisory Board

Kayli Head
Kelly Stone
Linda Coker

Main Street Advisory Board

Kayli Head
Kelly Stone
Linda Coker
Sara Lee Underwood

Neighborhood Commission

Carol Frank
Mary Ann Pope
Michelle McWaters
Robert Jett
Tom Rowe
Lizbeth Dobbins
Terence Parker

Parks & Recreation Board

Paul Murray
Larry Mock
Derrick Allen Lee
Sue Cohen

Senior Citizen Advisory Board

W.C.“Bill” Olson
Caitlin McGinty
Nancy Lee Seifert
Peggy Meiners
Marianne Reese
Marie Goble
Sandra Martinez

Veteran Affairs Advisory Board

Jayme Sutton

Zoning Board Of Adjustments

Mason Murphy
Ivan Friedman (first alternate)
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