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January 8th, 2016
Mutschlechner’s alleged murderer admitted ‘responsibility’ in shooting, police say

COVER: The aftermath of Sara Mutschlechner’s murder on Jan. 1 when she was shot in Denton, lost control of her car and struck a utility police. DENTON POLICE DEPARTMENT PHOTO


DENTON — Investigators who interviewed Eric Jamal Johnson in the Yuma, Ariz. jail say he asked them to convey his sympathy to the family and friends of Sara Mutschlechner, the 20-year-old college junior he is charged with killing early Jan. 1.

Eric Jamal Johnson

Eric Jamal Johnson

Johnson also “admitt[ed] his responsibility in the shooting,” Denton police spokesperson Shane Kizer said this afternoon in a written statement distributed to media. The 20-year-old U.S. Marine Corps office clerk waived his right to contest extradition to Texas where he faces a first-degree felony murder charge.

Also, Kizer said, investigators have recovered a handgun they believe Kizer used to kill Mutschlechner, who grew up in the San Marcos and Martindale areas and whose family still lives here. Denton police have ordered a forensic analysis of the gun to determine conclusively whether it is the murder weapon.

Johnson was arrested Jan. 5 at the Marine Corps Air Station in Yuma as the following a multi-agency investigation that included the U.S. Marshal’s Office, Texas Rangers and municipal police departments in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington and Yuma.

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