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December 6th, 2014
Game warden rescues two entangled bucks in Comal County


NEW BRAUNFELS — A video showing a game warden freeing two whitetail bucks entangled in a wad of bailing twine has racked up tens of thousands of views since being posted to the internet this week.

Shot with the warden’s dashboard and body camera in Comal County, the video shows the deer thrashing around the base of a clothesline pole where they had become ensnared in the tangle or rope.

“Alright, little deer, I’m here to help you,” the unidentified game warden says as he climbs onto the hood of his truck to avoid being gored in the animals’ struggle to break free.

After the officer cuts the rope with a knife, the bucks — both of which appear to sport solid eight-point racks — dart off into the distance. Texas Parks & Wildlife officials were not immediately available to provide additional information about the rescue on Friday, the Associated Press reported.

Rutting season — the period when bucks aggressively search out mates, often battling each other for available does — runs from mid-October to early December in the eastern portion of the Edwards Plateu region, according to a 1995 field study conducted by the wildlife department.

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3 thoughts on “Game warden rescues two entangled bucks in Comal County

  1. I’m glad to c this gentleman has a heart an didnt jus shoot them dead we need more park rangers like this thanks dude good job!!!!

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