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October 27th, 2014
SWAT arrests burglary suspects holed up in mobile home


This just in from the city of San Marcos’ spokesperson:

The San Marcos-Hays County SWAT team arrested two suspects in a burglary attempt on a mobile home Sunday night. The occupants were not at home during the burglary, and no injuries were reported.

The suspects, Isaiah Alexander Rubio (DOB 03/19/1997) and a 16-year-old male, are residents of San Marcos. Both face charges of Burglary of Habitation, a second-degree felony.

SMPD patrol officers responded to a reported burglary of a residence at the Siesta Mobile Home Park, 503 Uhland Road, at approximately 10:10 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 26 when neighbors heard breaking glass and called police. Officers arrived on scene and found a broken window at the back of the residence.

Officers saw a suspect at another window as they prepared a perimeter before making entry to check for intruders. Commands to exit the residence were not obeyed.

SMPD – Hays County SWAT and the Crisis Negotiations Team were then called to the scene, and negotiations with the suspects continued. At approximately 12:40 a.m. Monday, tactical operations were conducted, and two suspects were taken into custody at 1:08 a.m. without any injuries to officers or suspects.

“The longtime partnership of the San Marcos Police and Hays County Sheriff’s Office for SWAT and Crisis Negotiation is beneficial in peacefully resolving potentially dangerous situations such as this incident,” said Penny Dunn, San Marcos Assistant Chief of Police.

The 16-year-old juvenile was detained and transported to the Hays County Juvenile Detention Center. Rubio was transported to the Hays County Jail.

“The San Marcos Police Department would like to commend the neighbors for their efforts to keep their neighborhood safe and for immediately reporting this crime in progress,” Dunn said.  “Neighborhood awareness and reporting suspicious circumstances is key to the success of police capabilities for apprehending suspects and solving crimes.”

Bond for Rubio has been set at $10,000, and he remains in the Hays County Jail. The juvenile suspect remains in detention.

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13 thoughts on “SWAT arrests burglary suspects holed up in mobile home

  1. Anytime they can get all the paramilitary gear out… I picture that little tank thing rolling into the mobil home park and hours of tension before the likely unarmed minors finally come out after a smoke grenade and other pyrotechnics. Thank goodness our cops are armed like they are heading into Iraq, because otherwise the responding officer might have had to wait in his patrol car for another hour or two before the kids got hungry. Now, they are back at the command center filling out hours of paperwork and upping the budget request for some more gear for next time some stoned kids try to get a flat screen.

  2. @skeptical………………….so what is your solution? Obviously you know more than the people who are trained and educated on these type of situations.

  3. Why dont you post your address so they can come get a TV from you.

    Hey eveyone skeptical is giving away TVs at his house. If he is not home just come on in there is food in the fridge.

  4. While I’m not crazy about the militarization of police forces in this country, I’ll say that cops never know what they’ll face when they respond to calls. There is no shortage of firearms or nutjobs in Hays County, and when you put those two together, bad things can happen. Really bad things.

    Just what are the police supposed to do in this situation if not surround the mobile home and find a way to get those guys out? Should they have just gone home?

    Decry their tactics all you like, but the incident was resolved without shots fired. Give the po-po some cred for that, at least.

  5. “There is no shortage of firearms or nutjobs in Hays County, and when you put those two together, bad things can happen.” Truth!

    But every once in a while, you might need a program to be sure whether you’re dealing with a nutjob or a good guy.

  6. Obviously the swat team took a break from their paperwork to defend their position against online criticism. Typical defenses, you can’t criticize police if you don’t have police training; you must be pro-crime if you don’t agree with crime stopping tactics, etc. I am of the opinion that the police should not use more force than is necessary and that the police response should be proportionate to the threat posed by the criminals. I am alarmed that the warrior cops are called into more and more situations where their militarization does not seem necessary or proportionate. Part of that is on account of the fact that most of of our local cops wouldn’t get invited into special forces and don’t have the same training. Of course, they have to find uses for all the stuff or they won’t get any more money budgeted to protect their jobs and their gear, but it is a shame that the local police are reduced to typical government rent-seeking. Won’t be long until they will roll the tank out when you break watering restrictions.

    Here we have a couple of unarmed kids who broke into a mobile home and had nowhere to go once they were found. They likely knew the victim, and there is no mention of any imminent threat to life to necessitate a “tactical operation”. I guarantee the operation broke more windows than the kids, the smoke grenades left a mess behind for the owner, and the swat shot the resident dog if there was one. The fact that nobody was hurt in the assault is fortunate and probably lucky, but that fact alone does not make the unreasonable force somehow reasonable.

  7. The problem with people like skeptical is that you can’t have a reasonable argument/debate. You are obviously anti-police and no matter what they do it will be wrong. I myself have several problems with how the police does a lot of things; however I would like to consider myself reasonable enough to know that SWAT won’t come knocking on my door for watering my yard on an odd number days, when actually I should be watering on even number days. Your truly an idiot.

  8. 2006 – SWAT rolls on Tibetan monks who overstay visa
    2006 – SWAT raids a guys basement on suspicion of placing an online sports wager, accidentally shooting and killing an unarmed optometrist with no criminal record
    2009 – Tactical team from Fish and Wildlife (?) raids Gibson guitar factory over suspected illegally imported guitar strings
    2010 – SWAT raids bar on suspicion of underage drinking
    The NYPD is the seventh largest army in the world.

    With such excess comes a lot of opportunity for abuse, injury or death to bystanders, and a general fear of those who are supposed to serve and protect. Local police aren’t supposed to be standing armies.

    @peoplearstupid — I am sure you are smarter than all of us and I am sure you have a lot to add to the debate (tongue-in-cheek like the lawn watering hypo), but you just haven’t put forth any effort at a reasonable argument thus far – just insults at me.

  9. So we are going to judge everyone based on the actions of a few. I forget what is that called again? Do police departments have some issues? Yes they do but I have not seen that here. It seems that when a problem surfaces the departments here deal with them. Don’t judge them all as one group.

    There will always be people who want to criticize but they never offer a solution for their gripes. So they become part of the problem. Don’t judge until you need the police to come help you. As a homeowner who enjoys the rights granted to us in the constitution you are going to need a SWAT team to get the burglars out of my house if they pick a time to come visit when I am not at home. Because you don’t know what the robbers are bringing with them or what they are going to find when they get in. It’s not my job to deal with that kind of unknown danger. That’s what pay others for.

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