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October 26th, 2014
Former council candidate arrested after confrontation with burglary suspects


KYLE — A three-time San Marcos City Council contender was arrested this month after allegedly brandishing a handgun in a pawn shop parking lot during a confrontation with two men he suspected of burglarizing his home.

Shaune Maycock

Shaune Maycock

After realizing his house in the Waterleaf subdivision had been burglarized on Oct. 4, Shaune Christopher Maycock, 37, began calling local pawn shops to see if his missing lawn equipment or other property had been brought in, said Sgt. Jacob Luria, a Kyle Police Department investigator. The owner of M&M Pawn told Maycock that two young men were, as they spoke, attempting to pawn similar merchandise.

Javan Bunton

Javan Bunton

Maycock immediately drove to the pawnshop, located on FM 150 almost exactly two miles from his east Kyle home, and challenged two men in the parking lot, Luria said. They fled in a black Chrysler 200 sedan when Maycock pulled a gun, Luria said.

Maycock was arrested for unlawfully carrying a weapon, a Class A misdemeanor, and taken to the Hays County jail. He was released on his own recognizance the next day, Oct. 5, jail records state.

Twelve days after Maycock’s arrest — and hours after the Hays Free Press published security video images of the burglary suspects — a Kyle resident was arrested Oct. 16 after being interviewed by investigators at police headquarters.

Javan Nikolai Marquis Bunton, 18, is charged with one count of residential burglary, a second-degree felony, and one count of automobile burglary, a Class A misdemeanor. Bunton was booked in the Hays County jail where he was still be held as of Oct. 26 on bail set at $30,000 or the two alleged offenses. Police expect to make other arrests in the Waterleaf burglaries, Luria said last week.

An owner of Blue Skies Aviation, an aircraft maintenance and repair operation based at San Marcos Regional Airport, Maycock ran for council in 2000, 2002 and 2009. A periodic participant in San Marcos politics, Maycock has won city council appointments that include a term as an airport commissioner.

Last February, Kyle police arrested Maycock on a Class A misdemeanor charge of assault causing bodily injury, but the case against him was dismissed less than six months later, court records state.

MOSES LEOS III, whose story about Maycock was first published in the Hays Free Press, contributed reporting to this story. Hays Free Press content is made available to our readers through a news partnership between the Free Press and the San Marcos Mercury.


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9 thoughts on “Former council candidate arrested after confrontation with burglary suspects

  1. Your article leaves out the fact that there were three suspects and that one actually hit my husband with her car before the alleged brandishing of a firearm occurred. Yes … She put her car into drive and made contact with his knees before he allegedly did anything to defend himself.

  2. He may have been justified in brandishing a weapon at them because they hit him with their car. However, according to the story, he wasn’t charged with brandishing his weapon at them – he was charged with illegal possession of a firearm. No details, but this is likely either because he doesn’t have a carry permit, or because he was in the parking lot of a pawn shop where carrying firearms is not allowed.

    Technical details of his actual arrest aside….what the heck was he thinking, grabbing his gun and racing down to the pawn shop like that? I understand that he wanted his stuff back, but there *are* proper legal channels to go through here. I don’t think we need vigilante justice over used lawn mowers and such. This ain’t 1880. He’s lucky someone didn’t get seriously hurt thanks to his stunt…..

  3. Maybe he was thinking this, Dano: “based on my previous experience here in Kyle, the proper channels don’t work and I have the military training to solve this myself, thus saving the taxpayers money and the cops some time and effort.”

  4. Drano, we were hunting in the morning before the incident he had it because we were still traveling to our residence after that trip. Furthermore I see no reason to explain any of this to you because clearly you have not lost your faith in the ability of law enforcement to recover stolen property- I know after our jewelry store was burglarized in march of 2013 we felt pretty bad when the detective told me he wasn’t “even trying” to recover the some 70k in jewelry that was stolen. If you had been victimized and then kicked around the way we have you might understand.

  5. None of what either of you posted even remotely justifies or excuses Maycock’s efforts at vigilante justice in this case.

    It’s usually perfectly reasonable to have a gun in your car….but it’s also against the law in certain circumstances. Considering he was arrested for having the gun there, I’m guessing he found himself in one of those circumstances.

    Having $70K in jewelry stolen from your store also sucks, and it definitely sucks to have not gotten it back…..but that should have been covered by insurance, right?

    The bottom line is that if our cops aren’t doing their jobs….report them. And report them some more until someone listens to you about it. But for the love of God, don’t presume that you can take over doing their jobs for them…..

  6. Absolutely true that the investigators hardly try to recover property. It really is a shame. Some do go through the motions and while some may try they definitely have a reputation of letting these kinds of cases drop to the floor. Reporting it may be a fine suggestion but the truth is they don’t do a good job and it is well known when it comes to stolen property. She never said it was her suggestion. The truth is the cops should have been called by the pawnshop owner and try to keep them there. He could have gone down there taken a picture of them himself so the cops would actually do something. Hays county doesn’t use the tax payers money to solve these kinds of crimes nor do they have any real skill at investigating. They would need to call Travis county if they actually care about things such as this to do some real investigating. Even when they have leads into robberies of stores they don’t do anything and they have been sitting on that info for at least six months. They don’t even know how to fingerprint for evidence. They haven’t done a thing!! Who the hell runs Crime Stoppers anyway down there? They haven’t followed up with major tips yet! So he had a gun that is no big deal he got a ticket for it.

  7. The last time I called the cops, they found my stolen property and I got it back right away, but the last time I filed an insurance claim, they denied it. Still think the system works, Drano? Nothing around here is guaranteed, except that Drano thinks he’s always right.

  8. These people justify their illegal use of a handgun. The charges should not have been dropped. If he had a CHL he would have know the proper use of a gun. This action was not that at all. There were many other alternatives to solve this situation. A bit of intelligence would have been best. Alerting the police before self help at a minimum would be expected. But no, it wasvget a gun and do it myself foolishness like this that gets people killed over a lawn mower… Seems a camera would have been a much better solution and ultimately was what worked. No excuse for idiots with a temper and a gun, they are worse than a property thief on society. Hope people think about this if this guy ever runs for public office again… I am sure if he would be stupid enough to try this exact point will be made and prove how foolish he is yet again.

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