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August 13th, 2014
Officials asks attorney general to keep SMHS cheerleader investigation under wraps


School district officials are asking Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott to bless their decision to keep secret a report detailing an independent investigation into the fiasco surrounding the selection of San Marcos High School cheerleaders.

The San Marcos CISD school board commissioned the report on May 12 after hearing three formal complaints lodged against trustee Paul Mayhew, who asked Superintendent Mark Eads to intervene when Mayhew’s daughter lost her position on a varsity cheer team downsized from 12 to eight members. While asserting that the selection process was not manipulated to ensure certain hopefuls were kept off the team, as Mayhew seems to suggest, Eads ordered high school officials to maintain a 12-member varsity squad, a decision that made room for Mayhew’s daughter and three other students.

Former San Antonio ISD deputy superintendent Peggy L. Stark-Wilson spent more than 60 hours interviewing parties to the dispute, preparing a report on her findings and presenting it trustees at a total cost of $8,343, according to an invoice obtained by the San Marcos Mercury through open records law. That figure does not include legal expenses the superintendent and board of trustees incurred during consultations with J. Cruz & Associates, a Laredo law firm on retainer as the school district’s de facto general counsel.

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2 thoughts on “Officials asks attorney general to keep SMHS cheerleader investigation under wraps

  1. we are entering stage 4. san marcos is the fastest growing town in texas. and we have little water. and yet, developement of apartments and housing developments continue apace.. there will be no new jobs, unless you call mowing lawns a job. the construction workers building these places are transient. when the job is over, they go somewhere else to work. and the developers walk off with millions and contribute nothing to the infrastructure or ecosystem. taxpayers in this town, city, pay for it all, and the long time residents have lost any voice with our council and planning and zoneing commission. it is all about money and development. our trees are dying. they cannot be replaces. we have a 10,000 gallon rainwater collection system. we paid for this ourselves. and guess what, our tanks are now empty. it seems logical at this time, that development would be put on hold until the edwards aquafer recovers. or if the developers know how to invent water if our river slows to the point that it cannot sustain the unique species only found here, then san marcos will not be san marcos, it will be something else to the newcomers. fast food, trash, and continual degredation of our town

  2. Why is the District using a firm from Laredo as counsel? It bothers me to see our City leaders sending business outside the City.

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