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July 25th, 2014
Brad Rollins’ Blog: (Re)introducing the development map


When we introduced our San Marcos Development Map more than 2½ years ago, I said it was intended as “a resource that will be equally useful to those who develop, those who oppose development and everyone in between.”

Since unveiling that first version in January 2012, it has been viewed nearly 43,000 times — and that’s with access restricted to MercuryPro members for more than a year now.

I am thrilled today to roll out the next generation of this popular feature, covering not only proposed and present new development in San Marcos but also in our neighboring communities in Hays and Caldwell counties. The map is still pretty San Marcos-centric at this point but we’re working diligently to fill in the gaps both in San Marcos and the rest of the Interstate 35 corridor.

I don’t know of another resource like it in Central Texas — an easy-to-digest too for visualizing our region’s tremendous growth and gaining easy access to details about each project.

Development moves so fast in the nation’s fastest-growing city that it’s a challenge to keep up, something we alluded to back when the map was introduced:

“Issues surrounding land development amount to more than dollar and cents — they cut to the core of who we are as a city and a citizenry. The back-and-forth over San Marcos’ future is not going to get easier as the economy heats back up, as a university at our heart continues to boom — as more people learn what a joy the San Marcos life is.”

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