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July 4th, 2014
Autopsy confirms driver’s identify in fatal police pursuit

COVER: Flowers sit on a median near the site of a wreck last month that killed Fabian Hernandez and Charles Crayton.


A medical examiner has confirmed that the driver killed in a fiery crash as he fled from police late last month was Fabian Dionicio Hernandez, a 39-year-old San Marcos resident.

Hernandez and his passenger, 43-year-old Charles Lee Crayton of San Marcos, were pronounced dead at the scene of a messy wreck early Monday, June 23 in the Rio Vista Terrace neighborhood. Crayton’s name was released hours later but incoming Police Chief Chase Stapp said the driver’s body was unrecognizable and could not be identify him conclusively.

The San Marcos Mercury reported a week ago that family and friends believed Hernandez to be the driver. On Thursday, Stapp said that an autopsy determined definitively that Hernandez was the deceased driver.

The men perished when Hernandez failed to negotiate a roundabout at the intersection of Cheatham and Rio Vista streets and his truck burst into flames. An officer suspected he was driving while impaired and attempted to pull him over on Hopkins Street, Stapp said.

An investigation, including reconstruction of the collision, is ongoing.

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3 thoughts on “Autopsy confirms driver’s identify in fatal police pursuit

  1. An attorney needs to jump on this!!!! So far word is. AGAIN SMPD kills someone!!!! They wanted to let someone drown at Joe’s Crabshack. Promptly arrested the rescuer. They shot a teen in front of his mother who was holding a fork and officer had no back up and shot kid in the back. SMPD got frustrated and shot a driver on Hopkins in car with no weapon. They chased a driver into the round about and now two dead!! D.A. let a child molester go even though there were several witnesses they still dropped case. They hike up PI’s just cause they are greedy. Along with several other tickets they can get away with. SMPD also kills dogs!!! They harass young girls on the street and use violent force to make them comply. They also put your dog down quickly to avoid working over time and received a national backlash! Time to take out the trash!!!!! \

  2. Sounds like San Marcos has issues with theirs actually. Does any of the above sound like some where you would want to live?

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