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May 12th, 2014
Motorcyclist dies during pursuit by San Marcos police

An Austin man died early Sunday after he lost control of his motorcycle while running from police in San Marcos.

Charles Brandon Knowles, 25, was seen driving northbound on Interstate 35 at “a very high rate of speed” at 2:56 a.m., said Melissa Millecam, the city’s spokesperson. With San Marcos police in pursuit, Knowles exited the interstate and began speeding through local streets and then back to the interstate via C.M. Allen Parkway.

While traveling southbound on the interstate access road, he attempted to reverse course and head north using the turnaround at Texas 123. He was thrown from his bike and sustained fatal injuries.

The police department’s collision investigation team is investigating the fatality.

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4 thoughts on “Motorcyclist dies during pursuit by San Marcos police

  1. I saw this wreck happen. I was at the intersection when he crashed. He never saw the turn, he was doing over 100mph when he lost control.

  2. To Robert:
    I am the lead investigator into this collision. I would like to speak with you and obtain your version of the events. Could you please contact me at 512-753-2108 and leave me a message to where I can contact you I would greatly appreciate it.

    Ofc Myers
    San Marcos Police Department

  3. Do we know why he was being chased by police? What was he suspected of doing? Was a high-speed pursuit the right police procedure at that time? It would be illuminating if the public were given a more complete picture.

  4. I wouldn’t even begin to try to pin any blame for this on the police….the bottom line is that they were chasing him because he ran. If he had behaved as a normal person does and pulled over when he saw the lights behind him, he would still be alive today. Incarcerated, perhaps…..but alive.

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