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By a three-to-one margin, voters reject selling $2.85 million in municipal bonds to fund citywide street repairs and a comprehensive drainage study. 

May 11th, 2014
Updated: Thurber elected Wimberley mayor over two council colleagues


WIMBERLEY — Accountant Steve Thurber handily won election as Wimberley mayor on Saturday, taking nearly 50 percent of the vote in a three-way race against two of his fellow city council members.

Thurber received 411 votes, about 49.6 percent, to Wimberley Café owner Hershel “Mac” McCullough’s 223 votes, 28.9 percent. Council member Tom Talcott, program manager for a U.S. Air Force missile squadron, came in last with 195 votes, about 23.5 percent.

The section of the Texas Government Code governing general rule cities does not require the winner to take more than 50 percent of the vote. Consequently, Thurber won the election outright without the need for a runoff, despite falling four votes short of a majority.

“We have a plurality-based vote. There’s not going to be a runoff,” city manager Don Ferguson said.

Village voters resoundingly rejected a proposition to borrow $2.85 million to pay for street repairs and a drainage study. Residents rejected the sell of bonds by a nearly three-to-one margin with 208 votes cast in favor and 616 votes cast against.

To repay the 20-year note, the city would have levied its first property tax, estimated at four cents per $100 in property value. Since its incorporation in 2000, the tiny municipal government has subsisted primarily on tourist-generated sales and hotel occupancy taxes.

Also on Saturday, voters chose small business owner Cindy Anderson to fill the at-large council seat being vacated by McCullough and photographer Pam Showalter to fill the seat being vacated by Thurber.

CORRECTION: This story originally stated inaccurately that Thurber and McCullough would compete in a runoff.


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10 thoughts on “Updated: Thurber elected Wimberley mayor over two council colleagues

  1. Yes, please confirm your information. Candidates are under impression this race only requires a plurality.

  2. Wimberley City Manager has confirmed your statement is not correct. No runoff election is required in the City of Wimberley. Please post a correction.

  3. Thank you for the information. I have no reason to doubt your information but will follow up in the morning and correct the story as necessary. Apologies in advance if I’m wrong — I’ve never covered an election at any level that did not require a majority, but could be wrong, obviously.

  4. NOT CORRECT. now side bar is even suggesting agreement with your statement about the runoff. The City Manager is Don Ferguson and can be contacted at Wimberley City Hall. You can also see the statement we received from him @ Wimberley Valley Radio facebook site. Please post a correction as soon as possible. Thank you.

  5. Ms. Hunt, not sure who sidebar is. I have a call into Don Ferguson and the Secretary of State’s elections division. Looking at the elections code. I will let you know when the question is settled and update the story as necessary.

  6. Wait – Wimberley doesn’t have a city sales tax? Who does that in this era? How do they pay for roads and such? I know tourism is big there, but they can only fleece the tourists so much and the needs of the City have to be greater than what that can provide, don’t they?

  7. Ah crud – I was thinking “property tax” but typed “sales tax”. Mea culpa.

    But my point remains….surely Wimberley can’t remain viable for long expecting their visitors/tourists to pick up the tab for the maintenance of their town, can they?.

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