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As close calls come, they don’t get much closer than it did for an 18-year-old San Marcos resident this weekend. 

April 7th, 2014
Audio: Target of downtown shooting tells about his near-death experience

A shooting in downtown San Marcos this weekend bloodied Zachary Hinojosa’s ear and blazed a trail through his hair. But the San Marcos resident escaped without major physical injury. COURTESY PHOTO


A confrontation that began outside the Stratosphere Lounge, 235 N. LBJ Drive, escalated into an shooting Saturday night that could have easily left 18-year-old Zachary Hinojosa dead. It seems fair to speculate that it almost did.

A bullet grazed the 2012 San Marcos High School graduate’s head, nicking his right ear and shaving a visible path through his hair but leaving him otherwise unscathed. As close calls go, they don’t get much closer.

“When I woke up [the next morning],” Hinojosa told the San Marcos Mercury on Monday. “I was honestly just happy. Just so happy to be alive.”

Police on Sunday arrested 24-year-old Martin Avila III at his home in San Antonio. He is charged with attempted murder for allegedly twice firing a .40-calibre pistol at Hinojosa and attempted capital murder for allegedly trying to back his car over a San Marcos police officer while fleeing the scene.

Listen to the interview

Note: This unedited interview includes crude, emotionally-charged language throughout.

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3 thoughts on “Audio: Target of downtown shooting tells about his near-death experience

  1. Quite a near miss. Glad we aren’t reading about a murder here in San Marcos. Glad the young man and his girlfriend are OK, and also glad Officer Saavedra is OK too. Good work SMPD.

  2. Zachary I am just so glad that you and your girlfriend survived. Thank you for sharing the details of that night with us. There is obviously a much bigger plan for your life than that punk thug could touch. And God bless you for shielding her! Much peace love and prayers to you!

  3. Getting shot at isn’t nearly as deadly as our new-design traffic intersections.

    There are people who think “new” always means better; and always buy the sales hype of the salesmen who are selling it. But some times “new” isn’t better.

    Just stop to think for a minute: what happens when a student who is new to town, travelling 50 MPH, hits a type of intersection he has never seen before? At 50 MPH, he has 3 seconds to figure it out.

    The real danger in our city is our city planners and the state highway dept. With its new circle; that turns into a game of chicken with speedy delivery trucks, to see who gets to the intersection first. And now? The novel, “innovative” flow-through lane on IH 35.

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