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March 22nd, 2014
San Marcos Tonight 03/22/14

Tonight’s Best Bet

Hightail it downtown this afternoon: San Marcos will celebrate National Corn Dog Day starting at noon Saturday, March 22, on the Old Hays County Courthouse Square. The observance is sponsored by the city’s Main Street program.

Corn-Dog-Day-buttonsNational Corn Dog Day was born in 1992 when two slacker friends in Corvallis, Ore. — gripped by a desperate case of munchies — were overcome with joy to find a 24-pack of corn dogs in the freezer. Because no one in the household knew how the corn dogs made their way into the right kitchen at precisely the right time, the discovery was hailed as miraculous.

“Just like our forefathers before us — harvesting corn dogs straight from the misty, golden hillsides out west — so too do we rise up at the crack of dawn to prepare for a full day of haulin’ corn dogs from the kitchen to the couch,” the National Corn Dog Day organizers write in what some might consider a slightly revisionist history.

We don’t know what to expect from National Corn Dog Day in San Marcos because, as far as we know, it’s never been observed here on a community-wide scale. We do know this: On, local hosts are urged to procure eight corn dogs, eight beers and 80 tater tots for each guest.

With that level of meticulous preparation, how could this offbeat bacchanal go wrong?

COVER: Employees at Splunk, a San Francisco-based tech company, celebrate National Corn Dog Day in 2013. PHOTO by ED HUNSINGER

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