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March 21st, 2014
Advertisement: Have you seen our missing dog Bailey?


A dachshund (weiner dog) mix  belonging to longtime San Marcos residents Charles and Dee Sims has been missing for more than two days from the couple’s home on Oak Ridge Drive, between North LBJ Drive and Craddock Avenue.

The dog, named Bailey, got out of the couple’s house Wednesday evening. When she was noticed missing about an hour later she was nowhere to be found.

“It was dark and she is kind of shy. She must have gotten scared and started running. … We have looked everywhere for two days and have put up over 60 posters around San Marcos,” Sims said.

Sims says the missing dog has a birth defect, sometimes called a “shotgun nose,” that causes her to make a strange noise when breathing. If you find Bailey, please call Sims at 512-757-3288.

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8 thoughts on “Advertisement: Have you seen our missing dog Bailey?

  1. Thanks to all you guys who have offered to help or have called in possible sightings. Nothing yet so please keep watching for Bailey

  2. We found Bailey. Unbelievable. She made it from Oakridge (North LBJ near Craddock) all the way to Country Estates off old RR 12. We owe it to the Mercury. A lady that lives in Country Estates called us Saturday and thought she had seen the dog. We plastered Country Estates even though we were some what doubtful that she could have made it that far. A nice girl called us at midnight Sunday and said she had seen our posters and she thought Bailey was hiding under a car close to her house. We found her. Thanks to all of you who helped us look for our little dog. Lesson learned – advertising in the Mercury works. And don’t accidently leave the back door open.

  3. Am so happy that you found Bailey. I live in the area and watched for her all weekend. Can’t believe she made it to Country Estates. What a dog!

  4. Some times San Marcos drives me crazy. We can be a very dysfunctional town at times. This lost dog incident gives me hope. Every where I went, people were looking for my dog. The good folks out in Country Estates were so helpful. I was out there all afternoon taking down my lost dog posters and there must have been 15 people who stopped and told me they were looking for Bailey and were so happy when I told them we found her. Actually we didn’t find her. I wish I could tell you the names of the two ladies who went above and beyond but it would violate their privacy to use their names. One of the nice ladies works at the San Marcos library and the other one works at Wake the Dead so if you know them from that hint, they are very compassionate people. Most of the big apartment complexes along RR12 and on North LBJ not only allowed me to put up posters (which they are not suppose to do) but had their employees looking for Bailey. We had literally several thousand very good people out there looking for our little lost wiener dog. A big shout out to the Mercury for getting an ad up in just a few hours. Even the cops were looking the other way while I was putting up posters every where. One did ask me to stop putting them on stop signs. I knew that was wrong but you do what you have to do.

  5. Once in a while I really wish Brad had a”like” button on the Mercury comments. This is one of those times. Love your comment about our dysfunctional town coming together. Hurray for finding Bailey!

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