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March 18th, 2014
Drainage, street work closes parts of Cheatham, Riverside


Segments of Riverside Drive and Cheatham Street will be closed partially or completely for as long as two months as the city completes drainage improvements and repaving along the central San Marcos thoroughfares.

Austin-based Smith Contracting Co. began work Monday on the $773,000 project.

Cheatham Street will be reduced to one-way traffic westbound throughout the project, and northbound traffic on Riverside Drive will be closed to traffic except people going to and from homes and businesses on the westernmost end of the Rio Vista Terrace neighborhood.

Traffic on the southbound Interstate 35 access road can either turn right onto Roberts Street into Rio Vista, veer left on Sycamore, then left on Cheatham to the roundabout or drivers can turn right onto CM Allen Parkway into the downtown area, right on Hopkins then right on Riverside Drive.

The project includes street reconstruction of Riverside Drive from Cheatham Street to the IH 35 access road, as well as sidewalk and parking improvements along to Crook Park. To address drainage issues in the area, a stormwater outfall connection to the mill race on Cheatham Street will be installed.

For information, call the San Marcos Engineering and Capital Improvements department at 512-393-8136.

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13 thoughts on “Drainage, street work closes parts of Cheatham, Riverside

  1. Wow.

    Is there a magic number or percentage of downtown streets that can be closed, before customers collectively throw their hands in the air and go to New Braunfels?

  2. I agree with Ted. Between the ongoing mess downtown (and downtown businesses ARE struggling mightily because of this), the mess on N LBJ, the construction beginning out Hunter Road, the construction on Aquarena Springs Drive, the recent work on Guadalupe, and God-only-knows how many more that aren’t coming to mind right now…….I can’t help but wonder what the planners were thinking????

    This town has already become a tangled mess of traffic and orange cones….and it looks like it’s only going to get worse.

  3. I agree with Ted and Dano. On top of the fact that you cannot get from any point to any other point without encountering significant delays, we will have to pay all of this off over time. These projects should have been spaced out. It probably is on the planners more than the politicians, but I will remember the reign of the Daniel as a time when our transportation was akin to that of a third world village.

  4. “The Daniel” seems to be more interested in chasing Blue October around and playing “small town celebrity” than much of anything else.

    And yeah, in the meantime San Marcos looks a lot like London right after WWII.

  5. Dano I think you need to look at some pictures of London after WW II, we are long way from that. The road work downtown has been in the planning stages for years, and is long overdue.

  6. It was hyperbole….thought that would be clear, but I guess it wasn’t.

    The point, as Ted noted, is that the construction has made an absolute mess out of this town, and it seems that they’re starting three projects for every one they finish.

    What would have been the matter with finishing up one major project before starting another?

    As it is, the Rattlers need to change the school colors from purple and white to construction orange and white….

  7. I’m told that the Hutchison St. work is about finished, but not to start celebrating. At the last City Council meeting engineers fessed up to screwing up the entire project (see video of last Tuesday’s meeting). The street is now too narrow for fire trucks, which now won’t be able to turn up alleys. Large delivery trucks, ditto. All this because we had to have extra wide sidewalks, silly back-in parking, and whatever planners call those bulbous concrete planters. Perhaps it’s time to clean house. But for sure, don’t let these same city engineers and other staff try to “fix” it. How about bulldozing the entire street, then put it back as an old fashioned city street without the phony folderol of urban smart growth, or whatever it’s called.

  8. Big shout out to John Thomaides and Lisa Prewitt for actually asking the city staff some hard questions during the March 18th council meetings about the down town construction project. The presentation by the city staff was pretty shocking. After all the screwing around, we are now going to have to dig Hutchinson street back up because the design is so flawed. You can not get a delivery vehicle or a fire truck through the new street. Hello? There is a fire station on Hutchinson street. Go to to watch the video. It is Item #5. No one is responsible for this according to the staff. It just kind of happened. I think that as we watched this construction project slowly move forward, we all knew something was wrong. Watching the LBJ part of the project, I think we all know something is wrong. When the city planning staff makes LBJ two way, that street is going to be too narrow. Nothing is going to change because the city planning staff thinks all this crap is cool. We are going to end up digging up LBJ just like we are going to have to redo Hutchinson. Also a big shout out to Wayne Becak for insisting that before the city guarantees an $800,000 loan to a new company coming to San Marcos that we insist on some financial guarantees before we pledge the taxpayers money.

  9. Charlie, when are you going to learn that our Director of Planning at the city knows far more than any of us ever hoped to and working in conjunction with the University is going to do what’s best for the San Marcos and that some day we will fully appreciate him for his vision. In the meantime just enjoy the ruts downtown, businesses shutting down downtown, the sight of a desecrated downtown all in the name of a new type of “urban planning”.

  10. this is all money and politics. the development here has eroded the infrastructure. streets, water, electric service, as the developers walk away with millions, they are not responsible for upgrading anything. we are going to have water rationing forever. who is paying for the grandous plans of the planning and zoning board and the city council. we are, even as all of our utilities increase the charges to the home owners in this town. this is our tax money in action. it is all about power, money and politics.

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