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February 13th, 2014
Video: Chan, Novak debate while Campbell ducks out


San Antonio businessman Mike Novak, a former Bexar County commissioner, and businesswoman Elisa Chan, a former San Antonio City Council member, debated Feb. 10 at an event sponsored by the San Marcos Area League of Women Voters. State Sen. Donna Campbell, the incumbent, was invited but did not attend. If none of the candidate wins an outright majority in the Republican Party primary election on March 4, the top two finishers will battle out it in a May 27 runoff. Early voting in the primary starts Feb. 18.

EDITORS’ NOTE: According to the videographer, audio of Novak’s and Chan’s opening statements was not recorded due to technical problems. The video starts with the question-and-answer portion of the debate.

The San Marcos Area League of Women Voters held a debate for candidates for federal, state and local offices on Feb. 10 at the San Marcos Activity Center.

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2 thoughts on “Video: Chan, Novak debate while Campbell ducks out

  1. On Novak, check Texas Insider at for this:

    Challenge to Dr. Donna Campbell Has Interesting Twist
    Campbell’s work has backing of conservative, statewide leaders

    Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas – Sen. Donna Campbell is being challenged for the Texas Senate District 25 seat by former Bexar County Commissioner Mike Novak, whose self-described “business acumen, entrepreneurial spirit, and conservative outlook make him uniquely qualified to represent the constituents of Texas Senate District 25″. An affable, well-meaning fellow on the surface, a deeper look at Novak’s public record tells the story of tax delinquency, and a businessman with a tendency of not paying his debts.

    Texas Senate District 25 covers the northeast sector of Bexar County, as well as all or parts of Comal, Guadalupe, Hays and Kendall Counties, before reaching into the southernmost portion of Travis County.

    Senator Campbell is being challenged not only by former Commissioner Novak, but also by former City Councilwoman Elisa Chan in the fast approaching March 4th Republican primary.

    While a recent San Antonio Express-News report claimed “Chan’s record on City Council should give voters pause,” Novak’s record of paying taxes and business loans may do the same. As a former Bexar County Commissioner, and a current candidate for the Texas Senate, Novak understands the importance of paying taxes.

    In 1998, however, a tax lien was filed against his company for $736.25. Subsequently, in 2008, a Novak company was sued for delinquent taxes owed for the tax years of 2006 and 2007. The suit listed an amount due of $11,556.17.

    While the case was eventually dismissed, according to the Bexar County Tax Assessor, Novak’s company still owes $21,719.04 for those years.

    Records at the Bexar County Courthouse also show the following:
    o 1989 – NCNB Texas National Bank sued to recover a principle loan balance of $950,000.
    o 2005 – Novak’s company was sued in Harris County Court for outstanding debt. A judgment of $23,264.59 was made against his company.
    o 2006 – Novak’s company was sued in New Mexico for breach of contract. After the company later filed in Bexar County, a judgment of $24,124.79 was made against the company.
    o 2006 – Novak’s company was sued for failing to pay for goods and services provided by another company. A judgment was ordered against his company for $47,715.75.
    o 2007 – American Express sued Novak’s company for failing to pay a balance of $77,658.35.
    o In 1990, NCNB Texas National Bank sued a second time for failure to pay a principle balance of $26,209.91, bringing the combined 1989 and 1990 totals to more than $975,000.

    In running for the District 25 Texas Senate currently held by Campbell, a position with authority to establish tax and spending policies for the entire state, Novak’s business record shows a history of more than $1,170,000 in taxes and business obligations in question.

    Reflective of what many capitol watchers and statewide conservatives view as a impactful Legislative Session in 2013, Campbell’s work has gained the backing of party leaders, including former National Committeewoman Cathie Adams of the Texas Eagle Forum, Americans for Prosperity’s Peggy Venable, and WallBuilders’ David Barton, a former State Republican Party National Committeeman.

    Campbell also has the endorsements of the Texas Alliance for Life, the Texas & National Rifle Associations, as well as the:
    o Central Texas Republican Assembly
    o Concerned Women for America
    o Texans for Lawsuit Reform
    o Texas Association of Business & Commerce
    o Texas Manufacturers Association
    o Texas Medical Association
    o Texas Association of Realtors, and the
    o Texas Municipal Police Association

    Campbell captured the six-county District 25 Seat in 2012 by defeating longtime Bexar County officeholders Elizabeth Ames Jones, and then Sen. Jeff Wentworth in one of the most closely-watched, and hard fought races of the 2012 Election.

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