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Dripping Springs resident Gary Conner writes to rap candidate Wes Mau’s knuckles for asking his opponent how she would balance being a single mom with the demands of being the Hays County District Attorney  

February 12th, 2014
Letter: Mau sticks foot in mouth with ‘single mom’ remark


Candidate Wesley Mau had the temerity to ask his opponent Lynn Peach how she thinks she could “handle the responsibility of working while being a single mom” during a recent debate for Hays County District Attorney. He then added “his wife is home taking care of the kids” while he is out campaigning.

That he even questioned Ms. Peach in this manner sets a 1950’s precedent for his potential reign over the most vital office in Hays County government.

Mau’s attempt to retract his foot from his mouth — that he personally is fortunate enough to have his wife at home — demonstrates that he doesn’t even see the point. Peach graciously explained to Mr. Mau that her son is well care for while she successfully manages her private law practice. To my knowledge, Mr. Mau lacks her business management experience. To question her ability to balance career and family is an assailment of women and all working parents.

How will female employees or potential hires fare under an administration that leaves it to Beaver? What about single fathers? Are they also “incapable”?

There is no Democrat running for that office in the general election. The winner of the Republican primary will reign for ages. A candidate who question other’s ability to manage both a family and a career, should not be handed management authority of a government agency. Vote Lynn Peach for district attorney in the Republican Primary regardless of party affiliation.

Dripping Springs

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5 thoughts on “Letter: Mau sticks foot in mouth with ‘single mom’ remark

  1. First, I need to let you know that I am Wes Mau’s wife. With that said, I have 2 jobs. First and foremost, I am the mother of our 3 beautiful children. I am also the Marketing Manager and Office Administrator at Integrated Solutions in Austin. If Wes had any problem with working parents, we would not have married 16 years ago, and would not have had children.

    As to Mr. Conner’s comments, I will not apologize for the lifestyle that we have worked to achieve. It is no Leave It To Beaver, and I am no June Cleaver, but we pay our bills on time, and are raising strong, independent children together. As to Wes’s business acumen, we have no bankruptcies and no foreclosures on our record. Our opponent cannot say the same.

    I have found it necessary to tell my children to ignore the untrue, vitriolic comments that are coming out at the end of this race. I hope that you will do the same. I would appreciate your support for Wes Mau for District Attorney in the upcoming primary election.

    Shannon Fitzgerald
    Hays County

  2. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is Gary Conner getting owned on the internet, courtesy of Ms. Fitzgerald.

    Thank you and drive safely – and don’t forget to tip your servers.

  3. Still, asking that particular question is just dumb. It paints Mr. Mau as unsophisticated. I don’t think anyone seriously questions the abilities of single mothers to raise kids and perform their job with excellence. We may not like political correctness but it is the expectation now.

  4. I guess the first paragraph was okay, but what a tacky comment from there out for a wife of a candidate for such a major office. He screwed up and said something really stupid. Someone jumped on it during a campaign — nothing surprising there. But throwing mud on an unrelated topic is poor taste. And how old are your kids that they are trolling the internet boards, or is the DA’s office a big subject on the elementary playground? Sounds made up to me, and smells of manipulative martyrdom. The whole Mau persona comes off phony as hell, and it is always a worry when somebody wants a government job so badly.

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