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January 16th, 2014
H-E-B gets go-ahead from Wimberley council


7:30 a.m. FRIDAY, JAN. 17: The Wimberley City Council approved H-E-B’s application on a 4-1 vote.


H-E-B’s planned development district application for a proposed new location in Wimberley [pdf]


WIMBERLEY — H-E-B’s plans to build a 46,500-square-foot grocery store on the campus of the shuttered Bowen Intermediate School has predictably stirred passions among certain residents loath to accept changes to an eccentric village they tend to like as-is.

At a 6 p.m. meeting today, the Wimberley City Council is scheduled to consider adoption of a planned development district encompassing about eight acres wedged between Ranch Road 12 and FM 2325. H-E-B’s intentions survived the Wimberley Planning & Zoning Commission by the barest of margins, 4-3, on Dec. 18. Anticipating large crowds, the council meeting has been moved from city hall to the community center, 14068 Ranch Road 12.

Yet some Wimberley residents are as thrilled about an alternative to Brookshire Bros. — the town’s only grocery store for decades — as their neighbors are concerned about introduction of even a smallish big box to the landscape. (A big box is a store larger than 50,000 square feet, according to Investopedia. The average H-E-B is 55,000 square feet and the average Wal-Mart is 105,000 square feet, according to Reuters).

Even a statement issued on Jan. 10 in the name of development-wary Citizens Alliance for Responsible Development’s steering committee seems to betray a stark range of differences among its own members, a group that includes some of the valley’s most inconsolable no-growthers. The statement, titled “CARD and H-E-B Seek Common Ground,” outlines the group’s problems with H-E-B’s proposal at length but culminates with tepid “recommendations” such that “the informed people of Wimberley should decide whether H-E-B comes to our town.”

“Despite the fervent wishes of many, Wimberley is not in a time capsule. Change is going to happen,” the committee’s statement reads, at the same time simple observance of fact and radical concession.

Perhaps CARD’s resigned tone is the biggest indication of all that H-E-B will get its Wimberley store and Wimberley its H-E-B.

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4 thoughts on “H-E-B gets go-ahead from Wimberley council

  1. There’s always been a certain snobbishness shown by many of Wimberley’s residents – primarily the older ones – and I’ve never quite understood why. I don’t find anything particularly “magical” about Wimberley. It’s a pretty enough little town, and if you like knick-knacks, it’s a nice place to shop.

    But it’s also a poor place to try to raise a family and it’s a very tough place to consider trying to make a living (unless you’re in an industry that caters to tourists or retirees). Heck, it’s 2014 and they’re still arguing over whether it would be a good thing for them to finally get a real-life grocery store, fercryinoutloud…..

  2. Ditto Dano. The no-growthers would like to turn San Marcos into Wimberely. They won’t succeed.

    Georgetown is about 30 miles from central Austin; San Marcos is about 30 miles from central Austin. Have you seen Georgetown lately? That is what San Marcos can become unless the “not here” crowd prevails.

  3. Dano, we came to Wimberley to get away for the “great quality of life” in Austin so we could raise our children independent of that hell hole. I make an excellent living commuting to my Austin job. I personally can’t wait for the new HEB. We don’t have to shop at Brookshire Brothers (they’ll go out of business within 2 years after the HEB opens.) You’re right about the town here, it needs to purge the old hippies and Houstonites to be able to grow.

  4. The problem with Wimberley is its been polluted by the mindset of people like Dano and Ranch 111. They are people who think elevator music is jazz.

    The insipid corporate clones who come to Wimberley and despairingly talk about old hippies and Houstonians are the ones who are turning Wimberley into a boring white bread community of consumer lemmings.

    Bring on the ethnic minorities, the gays, and the old hippies. They’re a hell of a lot more interesting and fun than white elitist jerks.

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