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January 9th, 2014
IT director can’t explain mysterious phone problems at Hays County Government Center


An undetermined number of incoming phone calls are not making it through to the Hays County Government Center and no one seems sure what is causing the problem, said Jeff McGill, the county’s Information Technology director.

Some long-distance callers are reporting that the phone rings interminably at various Hays County offices without ever being answered. But the calls apparently are not making it through to the intended recipient, McGill said.

“There’s nothing we can do from this end because the signal drop is happening before it gets to our offices,” McGill said.

Technicians say they think a relatively small percentage of incoming calls are not coming through, but the problem is significant enough that Hays County spokesperson Laureen Chernow today issued a statement to media explaining the issue.

The problem appears to affect callers at random times of the day with no discernible pattern. The problem does not appear to be isolated to any specific long-distance carrier, McGill said.

Callers who encounter difficulty reaching Hays County offices should report the problem to their phone service provider and create a “trouble ticket” to document the issue.

When the caller does reach the Hays County office they are calling, they are asked to mention the problem to a county employee so a report can be made to San Marcos-based Grande Communications, the phone service provider for the government center.

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One thought on “IT director can’t explain mysterious phone problems at Hays County Government Center

  1. Grande? No, ellos son pequeñas – technologically and organizationally.

    But seriously, I think you found your problem in the last sentence. Just change providers and your problem will be resolved.

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