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December 4th, 2013
CTMC surgeon performs 500th procedure with robot

COVER: Erik Anderson, a San Marcos general surgeon, last month performed the 500th procedure at Central Texas Medical Center using the da Vinci robotic surgeon since the gadget’s acquisition in May 2012. SUBMITTED PHOTO


A little more than 18 months after Central Texas Medical Center plunked down $2 million for a da Vinci robotic surgery system, more than 500 patients have undergone procedures employing the cutting-edge instrument.

Dr. Erik Anderson, a general surgeon who works under CTMC’s Live Oak Health Partners physicians group, officiated over the 500th procedure assisted by the less-invasive, more-precise surgical device on Nov. 15.

Since its introduction in May 2012, seventeen different surgeons have used the da Vinci in 285 percent more procedures than had been projected. CTMC administrators had project its use in 175 operations during the first 19 months; the robot has so far has been used in nearly three times as many.

A major capital investment early in the tenure of CEO Sam Huenergardt, the robotic surgeon was the first of its kind in any hospital south of Austin and north of San Antonio when it was introduced in May 2012. The robot has already paid for itself, hospital administrators say.

In addition, the futuristic gadget has been a public relations boon for CTMC, bringing attention to initiatives under Huenergardt and his predecessors to modernize facilities and upgrade technology.

“My hat goes off to our medical staff members and surgeons who embraced this opportunity to put CTMC on the map in this area,” Huenergardt said in written statement celebrating the milestone.

A seven-figure pricetag also underscored Winter Park, Fla.-based Adventist Health System’s seriousness about remaining competitive in Hays and surrounding counties. Austin-based Seton Family of Hospitals moved into the central corridor market in 2010 with a 210-bed medical center in Kyle, the county’s second hospital.

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3 thoughts on “CTMC surgeon performs 500th procedure with robot

  1. Glad this is working out. It’s essentially a business capital expenditure with all the attendant risks and rewards, and clearly business is good. Studies suggest we’re removing too many prostates these days, and it’s possible the availability of less invasive surgery may be a factor in that, but if I had prostate cancer, I’d appreciate having this option close by.

  2. We are here today and my Mom Maria Quiñonez
    Is recuperating from Surgery and I am so satisfied with his service and very attentive the ICU staff for sure a 5 star rating. Also would like to Thank Dr. David Hernandez Respiratory doctor and Dr. Francisco Hernandez Hospital doctor they touched my heart they are very genuine they made me feel very comfortable the moment I spoke to them. Not enough words to thank the staff, but Thank You for being so caring. May God Bless You.

  3. This is a Special Thanks to Dr. Erik Charles Anderson.

    From Maria Luisa Quiñonez Family.
    Thank You for being you. Very genuine, caring, and loving the moment I felt lost you gave me comfort and support every day that passed by I felt everything was going the right dirrection. Thanking You for giving our Mom back to us. May God Bless You and may you continue to heal others.

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