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November 5th, 2013
Election 2013: San Marcos City Council voting results


We will post returns for the San Marcos City Council election just as fast as we can get them. Typically, early voting and absentee results are released shortly after the close of polls at 7 p.m. and the precincts-by-precinct results are released as they become available.

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30 thoughts on “Election 2013: San Marcos City Council voting results

  1. Jude Prather is an outstanding citizens and well deserves the seat on
    City Council. The San Marcos Community will be well represented, And Hopefully Jude will look to the future and strive to go for Mayor of San Marcos. Wish him great success.

  2. Your colors are horrible for color blind people. Good thing hovering over the graph show the candidate’s results.

    Seriously though, its just a circle for color blind.

  3. The diversity of citizen participation and collaborative efforts of so many wonderful residents, both new and old, will define progress in the best ways. Congratulations to the winners.

  4. Congratulations to Lisa Prewitt and to Jude Prather.
    This is a great day for San Marcos families and homeowners whose property value and quality of life have been undermined by shortsighted and reckless zoning changes approved by P&Z and City Council.
    Very soon it will be safe again to buy or build a house in a core San Marcos neighborhood.

  5. Who makes a campaign poster of himself standing in the river wearing a suit with a smirk on his face…and wins?

  6. Remember when Jude Prather voted to kill a business because it was across from the backside of a church?

    Real good record of job creation there.

  7. A huge SHOUT OUT to Carter Morris, Ed Theriot, and Darrin Casey for being the sparks that created our flame. Everything happens for a reason. Jaime Breihan is putting a second feather in his cap tonight.

  8. “Remember when Jude Prather voted to kill a business because it was across from the backside of a church?

    Real good record of job creation there.”

    Yeah, would’ve been good to get rid of the blight that is that old car shop.

  9. A clear message that the people of San Marcos value real long-term job growth and river protection. I hope we can get more citizens like Jude and Lisa on the council in elections to come. Thanks to all that voted! Thank You Jude and Lisa for volunteering to work for this great city! I know you will remember why you were elected!

  10. The day after an election, everyone always tries to claim the results are a mandate for their position to be the position of the entire government, but it is usually more complicated because different people vote different ways for different reasons. In that vein, there isn’t much to take from the Prather election, because it was no surprise. Mason was an energetic newcomer who voters probably did not think was ready.

    The Prewitt victory against the old guard, on the other hand, is the biggest victory for the anti-development, no growthers in the last 20 years of San Marcos politics. They are not just a small angry mob of kooks anymore — they are a big angry mob and they can win an election. I am very worried what that means for San Marcos, but on their big day, they should first be congratulated. The ground game they put together to work the early vote was very impressive, and as much as this hurts to say, they will have to be taken more seriously in the future. I hope this is a wake-up call to the other side — better candidates, engagement for the whole year — not just around the election, and less arrogance.

  11. Well, well, well, it looks like a mandate to me, or maybe simply a clarion call. I’m glad to see that a significant (overwhelming?) majority of San Marcans is taking a formidable stand against the slash and burn construction trend pushed by the posers of progress. It is gratifying that a majority of citizens have moved beyond poser rhetoric and actually understand the meaning of the word progress. Poco a poco se anda lejos. Viva San Marcos.

  12. Skeptical, your name says it all! It is people like you & dano who hide in the dark that can’t stand to hear the truth! There should be no sides when it comes to doing the right thing, you just do it BECAUSE IT IS THE RIGHT THING!

  13. People who hide in the dark that can’t stand to hear the truth! There should be no sides when it comes to doing the right thing, you just do it BECAUSE IT IS THE RIGHT THING!

  14. Diana, was that comment a parody of meaningless internet comments? If so, brilliant. If not, there is nothing I can say that will break through your self-delusion.

  15. Did I hear my name?

    The problem with the self-righteous views of some is that they each believe themselves to be the sole decider of what “the right thing” is….and worse, the views they espouse are so rarely “right” when the actual facts are considered.

    You can’t make business decisions, planning decisions, or governing decisions base on emotion…..but that’s all some people run on.

    I remain hopeful that both of our newly elected Council members will commit to looking at the facts objectively when issues come before them rather than making decisions based on emotion, and I will pray (sorry, Lamar) that they choose wisely when the times arrive to make important decisions for the future of our city.

  16. It’s always fun to watch the newly elected idealogues squirm when, in possession of the inconvenient details contained in the packet, they’re forced to cast a vote that is out of phase with the expectations of their constituency.

  17. Yep, it’s truly amazing how one’s perspective can shift when one is fully informed on a particular issue or topic. It’s so very much easier to armchair quarterback on the internet than it is to actually govern.

  18. I presume that none of those voicing their opinions about the “reality” Lisa will confront are fellow office holders or ever have been for that matter. I believe that Lisa will use the good judgment that got her elected by a landslide ( I call better than 75% a landslide) over the preferred candidate of the “business community” (aka developers, real estate people and title company owners) for the betterment of the community. It is time for people to appreciate the face that this community can be developed reasonable and that reason has nothing to do with how much money some developer can make off it’s “investment”. At this time I think it is time for this council to be given an opportunity to go to work for the good of all of us.

  19. Another shout out to Carter Morris, Ed Theriot and Darren Casey – who were not running or voting in this election since none of these names appear on the tax rolls as being residents of the City of San Marcos. It is the citizens of the community that ran for office and it was the citizens that voted. Luckily these carpet baggers, developers, and slum lords are not city taxpaying residents.
    What a change in the charter – having taxpaying long-time diverse residents and taxpayers serving our city on the P&Z, council and elected officials. This was an election that really benefitted the Citizens that care about neighborhoods, sustainability and natural resources. Let’s look at the Quality of LIve – not the quantity of people that we can fit in apartments.

  20. Thanks to the SM Mercury “where to vote map”, we had the pleasure of standing in line in not one place, but two (i.e., not the flag closest to our house, which makes sense), but the flag farthest from our house. We watched and heard a lot of people say they just wouldn’t vote if they had to go to another location. Thanks SMMercury

    We’re younger folk. There were no other “young folks” in line when we voted- or waited in line to vote at both locations. What we saw were long-long-time looking (meaning “old” people, no offense), presumably, long-time tax paying citizens of San Marcos that live in neighborhoods that have been targeted for luxury rent-by-the-room residential development. That’s who voted where we live. They voted for quality of life. It appears they voted by a “landslide” who they want representing their interests in the affairs of this city.

    Dano (yes, you heard your name) “It is amazing how one’s perspective can shift when one is fully informed on a particular issue or topic.” Stop being vague and condescending. If the Mercury won’t fully inform us, then please, fully and completely enlighten this audience. Did the 4.2 percent of residents of San Marcos that bothered to vote do so uninformed of the “issues or topics?” Are they semi-ignorant of what they voted for? Please help us all understand what they’ve done.

  21. Thanks Brad Rollins. Thanks for offending your audience, once again. Happy I didn’t get a fuck you like some of your other readers. Instead, you just insulted my intelligence. Next time I’ll consult the city or county maps, even if they take a bit longer to load. A bit of web-mapping advice from an apparently less than sharp person – color code your map by where the precincts vote. Then again, what could a geographer possibly know about maps?

  22. Congratulations to Lisa, finally the full time, tax paying residents will have a voice. It is also refreshing and reassuring that the day after the election Lisa & her team removed all of her election signs… being pro-active. While we still have to see the unsightly election signs of her competitor lingering around for how long? Get off your lazy arse & go collect your signs.

  23. Intelligent growth is not “no growth”. Unbridled rampant growth in a community or city is analogous to Cancer. I grew up in SW Houston. The communities (Sharpstown, Alief, Westbury) that allowed the building of huge “nice looking” apartment projects back in the ’60s and ’70s are now slums. Communities that enforced their zoning and kept apartment development in check back then (Bellaire, Braeswood for example), are still nice neighborhoods to live in all these years later.

    It is the result of uninformed inexperience and short sighted administration from our San Marcos City Council to belly up to every apartment developer that whistles through, takes them to dinner, makes a quick buck and then skates town leaving the true investors in our community (aka neighborhood homeowners) to deal with the long term aftermath.

    There is a right way to grow, and a haphazard detrimental way for a community to grow. Hopefully, we are finally about to “get it”.

  24. Thank you Dave! Having witnesses what you say about Houston firsthand ou are 100% on the money! I am very hopeful for this council but remain only cautiously hopeful.

  25. In this election, only 2,216 votes were cast. That’s 4.43% of our City’s population and probably around 10% of our eligible voters.

    In such elections, it becomes critical to identify and mobilize “the base”….Prewitt did a better job than Taylor at this so she won. She was clearly aided by a focused effort by the anti-development crowd here in town, who have at long last won a seat on Council.

    I would, however, be careful about throwing around terms like “mandate”. Despite the landslide nature of her victory she did, after all, still only get 3.36% of our population to vote for her. That’s more a sad commentary on the involvement of our citizenry in the electorate than a mandate.

    Oh, and Mary – you may not find Carter Morris, Ed Theriot, or Darren Casey on the tax roll as homeowners, but you will find them listed multiple times over as property owners….and I’m willing to bet that their investments in San Marcos (and the amount of taxes that they pay to San Marcos) dwarf yours. So to imply that they should not have a voice in San Marcos politics is laughable at best.

  26. Pathetic turnout.

    But I’ll wager Taylor would have claimed a mandate if he’d won by a 3-1 vote.