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November 3rd, 2013
Texans will decide on property tax breaks for veterans


Two of the nine constitutional amendments on the Nov. 5 ballot could benefit many of the 1.6 million veterans in Texas. Propositions 1 and 4 would offer property tax breaks to soldiers and their families.

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ALANA ROCHA reports for The Texas Tribune where this story was originally published. It is made available here through a news partnership between the Texas Tribune and the San Marcos Mercury.

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5 thoughts on “Texans will decide on property tax breaks for veterans

  1. I oppose it. The complications in the Federal tax code add to the reasons to hate it. We don’t want our state tax system to get that way. What is the next group that will rally support for an exemption?

  2. SMsince 95, complicated? It sounds as simple as filling a homestead or over 65 exemption with you county tax office. Its not like they are asking for a 33% tax break for those with an AGI between $35,785 and $65,581, assuming they don’t claim another exemption which would then give them a 31% break assuming they they’re house is valued between $154,547 and $218,157. That would be complicated and more in line with federal income taxes. These veterans are asking for property tax breaks….much much simpler. I say give it to them, they deserve it.

  3. You’re letting the camel’s nose into the tent. I’m all for taking good and proper care of our veterans but do it as part of their entire compensation package – not piece meal like this. This could potentially harm veteran’s ability to negotiate better compensation or benefits in other areas as it creates the perception that vets are getting this benefit of unknown value. Furthermore it shifts a difficult to measure part of the tax burden onto the other tax payers. By difficult I mean – how many veterans will there be and what is the value of the homes they are exempting. Also, how is this fair to veterans who rent?

  4. Did anyone read the article in the Statesman on how large corporations and commercial property owners are suing county appraisal districts for huge breaks in their property taxes? Any idea if ths is going on in Hays County as well?

  5. Guess what – even small corporations and residential property owners are suing appraisal districts for breaks in their property taxes. And they’ve been doing it for years! And getting away with it! I hear it’s called due process, whatever that is.

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