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October 31st, 2013
Guest Column: A lifetime of service, more to come

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I am Bill Taylor and I am running for place 1 on the San Marcos City Council, the seat being vacated by Kim Porterfield.

Bill Taylor

Bill Taylor

I was born in Poteet, Texas, attended and graduated from San Marcos Baptist Academy and received a degree in political science Science from the college now known as Texas State University in 1971. I served in the 49th Armored Division from 1969-1975 during the Vietnam era. By 1974, I was able to open an insurance agency and began a career that has been thriving to this day.

I live in San Marcos, raised a family here, and am proud to own a successful insurance agency here. From the time I was in high school here, I have loved the city of San Marcos, the San Marcos River and being in beautiful Central Texas.

After graduating from college and starting my business here, my public service career began in 1982 with an appointment to the San Marcos Airport Commission. I served on that commission for several years including one as chair. I spent several years working with the Republic of Texas Chilympiad (the World’s Largest Chili Cook Off), serving as their general chairman in 1979, 1980, and 1985. I have also served on the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Small Business Advisory Board and the Main Street Advisory Board. I served on several other city commissions over time.

In the past ten years I served on the Zoning Board of Adjustments, served 3½ years on the San Marcos City Council and almost 6 years on the Planning and Zoning Commission. I have cast probably 1,400 votes making some very difficult decisions and only regret a handful of them. During the last three years, without a current master plan, I have served as chair of the City Planning and Zoning Commission. I have presided over some of the toughest meetings ever to come before the commission. I have always voted for what I thought was in the best interest of the city of San Marcos, even when the votes were unpopular with some people. Protecting our San Marcos River has always been a priority and we have done an admirable job of balancing development plans with the environmental protection plans.

For my work as chair of the Steering Committee of the now adopted Comprehensive Master Plan, “Vision San Marcos: A River Runs Through Us,” and the ability to draw consensus, I was awarded the Central Texas Elected/Appointed Official of the year by the Central Texas Chapter of the Texas Planning Association and in October of 2013 received the Planning Commissioner of the Year award from the Texas Chapter of the American Planning Association. These honors are very meaningful to me and the many hours I spent as Chair of the Comprehensive Master Plan Steering Committee to bring an award-winning plan to this city.

My voting history reflects fairness, common sense and sound decisions. I have proven that I am not afraid to cast the tough votes. I am proud of being able to serve the citizens of San Marcos in so many capacities and would be honored to serve on the next council that has so much important work to do. We need to hire a city manager who can handle the controversial nature of San Marcos politics and still run a tight ship and facilitate the growth that San Marcos deserves and needs. Now more than ever, we need someone with experience, education, expertise and desire to lead San Marcos forward. I believe I can be a strong leader but also a team player on the city council.

My closest advisors are not neighborhood activists and special interest advocates like my opponent, but local business people with no agenda except to make San Marcos a better place to live, be educated, work, and play. Managed growth and good businesses are key to our community prosperity. I recognize the neighborhoods deserve to be protected and that that is an important fiber in our community. I also recognize that Texas State University is a blessing to this community and should be embraced and not always criticized. It is important to recognize that only 25 percent of our population are homeowners while approximately 75 percent are renters. I believe I must represent all 100 percent of the people.

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Insurance agency owner BILL TAYLOR, the San Marcos Planning & Zoning Commission chair, is running for San Marcos City Council Place 1 against landscape designer Lisa Prewitt. City council contenders are invited to write a guest column introducing their candidacy.

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