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October 28th, 2013
Novak brings senate campaign to San Marcos, Wimberley


Formally launching his bid to unseat Sen. Donna Campbell in next March’s Republican Party primary, San Antonio businessman Mike Novak will make two stops in Hays County on Tuesday.



Novak, who is backed by Hays County Commissioner Will Conley, will meet voters at the Wimberley Café at noon and then at Chuck Nash Auto Group in San Marcos at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 29.

“This district is vital to the success of Texas. Therefore, it is vital we have a senator who knows how to get things done for their district, one who understands the district, an active member of our business community and someone who understands the different functions of government and how they should work together,” Conley wrote today in an email to supporters in which he pointedly noted that Novak has “lived in the district his whole life.”

Campbell moved to New Braunfels from Columbus in the fall of 2011 to run against longtime State Sen. Jeff Wentworth, who she beat in a primary runoff last summer. Campbell has been endorsed by Hays County Sheriff Gary Cutler and commissioners Ray Whisenant and Mark Jones. A third candidate, former San Antonio city council member Elisa Chan, has also said she is running against Campbell.

Novak, who owns San Marcos Air Conditioning Inc. with his son Lucas, is a former chairman of the Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce. He served four years in the 1990s as a Bexar County Commissioner, the first Republican elected to that office.

“We’ve had strong, conservative leadership in District 25, but what I have heard time and time again from business owners is that their interests have been forgotten,” Novak said. “We need more leaders in Austin who understand the challenges business owners face and what they need to grow and be successful. It’s more than keeping government small and out of hair – it’s looking for opportunities to help business, to create jobs and grow our economy.”

Novak’s announcement tour will take him to New Braunfels and Schertz on Wednesday and to Boerne on Thursday. Early voting in the primary starts Feb. 18. Election Day is March 4.

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6 thoughts on “Novak brings senate campaign to San Marcos, Wimberley

  1. You can go to to find out the times and places of Mike’s kick off tour of Senate District 25. I know Mike and you should get to know him, he is a great guy and will make a super State Senator!

  2. I understand that the audiences at the two gatherings were pitiful: under five at one and fewer than 10 at the other. And that Mr. Novak talked way too much about what he would do for his home town of San Antonio and little about the remainder of the district. A disappointed Buda businessman walked out of the Wimberley meet early, saying that he had heard enough about Mr. Novak’s San Antonio plans.

    Novak’s ardent support of the commuter rail boondoggle won’t help his prospects in areas outside the Austin-San Antonio corridor, and perhaps not even in the corridor. Do the folks in Dripping Springs, Boerne, and other areas to the west care about a costly rain line? Really, this train play thing is of little value to any of us in District 25. Its effect on reducing automobile traffic on the interstate will be negligible, it will cost a billion dollars to move the freight train rail east of IH 35, and even more than that to actually build a passenger safe line between Round Rock and San Antonio. A few years ago, a respected transportation consultant made the point that we could give each person who rode this train consistently a new luxury automobile every year for what it will cost us to provide and maintain a passenger rail system in the corridor.

    By the way, I thought that Jeff Wentworth was the first Republican member of the Bexar County Commissioners’ Court way back in the day when he and I were still wet behind the ears. If you remember, that was point number one on his oft repeated GOP resume. I sure Mr. Novak wouldn’t want to slight someone who is trying to use him as a way to get back at the woman who not only had the audacity to run against him but who put a first-class political whipping on the then-state senator.

  3. Sounds like your third party who told you about the events were Campbell supporters. It’s probably best if you make your own mind up rather than relying on others.

    From Novak’s website:
    As the first Republican elected to represent Precinct 4 on the Bexar County Commissioners Court in 1994, Mike became the third Republican on the court, giving Republicans its first majority on the court.

    He states he was the 3rd Republican on the court – and the first from Pct 4.
    But then, if you are a blind Campbell supporter, you only hear what you want to hear.

  4. Lela
    I mis our lively debates. But you know Jim Green and you know he can make up his own mind. Don’t you love it when you see the in fighting.


  5. Lila, what are you talking about? This sentence appears in the press release posted above: “He [Novak] served four years in the 1990s as a Bexar County Commissioner, the first Republican elected to that office.” If the writer meant what the website conveys, then the sentence I quoted is misleading at best. Besides, I was not commenting on a website; I was commenting only on this Novak story. And yes, I do sometimes think you would argue with a fence post.

  6. I believe Lila finally stopped arguing with the fencepost, but only because the fencepost kept winning….