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October 11th, 2013
San Marcos council moves toward firing Morris from P&Z


The San Marcos City Council moved toward removing their embattled appointee, Carter Morris, from the Planning and Zoning Commission after meeting for nearly an hour in a closed-door session on Friday.

Presiding over the meeting in the absence of Mayor Daniel Guerrero, council member John Thomaides announced that a majority of the the council had “decided to direct staff to create an agenda item … for the possible removal of one of our planning and zoning commissioners if a resignation from that person does not occur” beforehand.

The council will consider Morris’ removal at its regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, Thomaides said.

The executive session was scheduled at the beginning of the council’s regular “packet meeting,” held on Fridays preceding regular Tuesday meetings. After Thomaides’ announcement, the council moved into its regular business and members were not immediately available to answer questions.

Last month, a majority of the Ethics Review Commission determined Morris had committed minor ethics code violations when met with Thomaides to discusse a proposed development on Sessom Drive in which he had a financial interest. He also spoke in favor of the project in the public comment portion of a city council meeting.

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One thought on “San Marcos council moves toward firing Morris from P&Z

  1. This is the letter I just sent to Mayor and Council

    I am OPPOSED to removing Carter Morris from P&Z.

    The Ethics Commission hath spoken, and that is approbation enough. Removing him from P&Z WITHOUT asking him what he has learned from this experience — (sorry, that is a professor type question but seems relevant here) — seems hasty to say the least.

    He’s been nailed and I am certain he feels chastened. Anything more would be “piling on” as in football rules.

    I was FOR the Ethics Commission ruling and still am.


    Thom Prentice

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