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October 8th, 2013
George P. Bush to raise funds at Dripping Springs reception




Texas Land Commissioner candidate George P. Bush will pick Hays County pockets for campaign contributions at a Nov. 1 fundraiser thrown by former County Judge Jim Powers and Hays County Commissioners Will Conley and Mark Jones.

The private event will be hosted by Powers and his wife, Maripat, at their Dripping Springs home.

Bush, a Fort Worth investment advisor, faces a primary opponent in David Watts, an East Texas business consultant, who recently made the news by proposing that the state’s public schools refuse to enroll children of immigrants who entered the country illegally. Bush is the son of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and Columba, a naturalized U.S. citizen born in Mexico.

Party primaries are in March next year followed by the general election in November. On Tuesday, Bush’s campaign touted endorsements from State Rep. Jason Isaac (R-Dripping Springs) and 21 other Republican legislators.

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6 thoughts on “George P. Bush to raise funds at Dripping Springs reception

  1. Oh, Linda, don’t be so uptight. Just a colorful turn of phrase. Surely no one got the impression that that George P is going to be lifting wallets from unsuspecting bankers and developers while they are distracted by the brie. I enjoy your blog, btw.

  2. Oh, Brad, don’t pretend to be so naive. You & I both know that we’ll never see the phrase (or characterization) of “picking pockets” with regards to a liberal Dem candidate’s fundraising efforts (if we hear about those efforts at all), unless it’s by a news outlet that openly reports from an intentionally biased perspective – like MSNBC, or Fox News (what we journalists sometimes defend as “advocacy journalism” right?). In this case, why was this event at a private home even reported as news? Newsworthiness would be about Bush’s candidacy and/or intentions, the race/his opponent(s), his platform, his goals, and yes – any local/hyperlocal fundraising efforts – but all in the larger context of his campaign – not as the headline. In my opinion, this story is more about conservatives-as-boogeymen…and a Bush, to boot? All the better. I’m surprised his headshot isn’t grainier, to give a spookier appearance (as was often done to his famous/infamous relative). Don’t we get enough of that kind of reporting nationally? Pretty transparent – lame on ya! But thanks for the props about the blog. BTW, I was a news producer at MSNBC and often challenged biases in story meetings, coming from both sides of the “proverbial” aisle (well, let’s be honest – there wasn’t much of a “right” aisle to start with!)

  3. PS…Bush’s headshot here, while it doesn’t make him look spooky, does make him look a bit goofy (Texas Tribune source – so that’s about right). Generally, the liberal democrat’s headshot makes him or her look authoritative, intelligent, and very leader-like. You know it’s true! BTW, Brad – I just realized you characterized ME as “uptight” in your comment. Sigh. But I forgive you, since you’re a fan of my blog 🙂

  4. I had not looked at it too closely but I agree that this picture doesn’t really capture his rakish handsomeness.

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