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August 19th, 2013
County clerk to raise document fees


Beginning Sept. 1, fees for recording a document with the Hays County Clerk’s Office will increase a total of $10 for a one-page document.

The county said new rules adopted by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission for the storage of court documents and local government records mandate that county clerk offices must use specific methods to retain permanent records. The additional fees are designated to help defray the costs to local governments, which have to be in compliance by April 7, 2015. The new fee is set to expire automatically at the end of five years.

The fees for both records management and archiving will rise from $5 each to $10 each, adding a total of $10 to the cost of the filing a document. A typical one-page document, which currently costs $16 to record, will cost $26. The cost for each additional page will continue to be $4 per page.

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