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August 13th, 2013
Letter: Have you seen our missing mom?


Our mother used the names, Laura, Luly and Lourdes and would be 68 years old now. She has a pronounced dimple on her chin, a distinguishable nose, is soft spoken, kind and beautiful.

Our missing mother, Laura.

Our missing mother, Laura.

Our family moved from Florida to El Paso in 1978. When we moved to El Paso, we first lived on the eastside for approximately three months before moving to the Canutillo/Anthony area, on the west side of the mountain.

Our mom left behind four daughters and two sons, the youngest daughter was not quite a year old at the time of our mom’s disappearance. We have made several attempts to locate our mom.

To whomever is reading this, if you recognize any of the above, statements please read on. We are not trying to complicate or intrude in her life. We simply are trying to find closure and if the whereabouts of our mom need to remain unknown, we are willing to live with that, as such, just knowing that she is okay will be sufficient.

However, after almost 33 years, we would enjoy opening the doors to some communication and to have our mom back and active in our lives.

Of the six of us, there are four in Florida, one in Texas and one in Nebraska. There are 10 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren. In addition, there is a newly found “biological family” who would love to meet this beautiful lady and would very much enjoy including her in all of our lives.

If you know or have any information, please contact: El Paso County Sheriffs Office Det. Irene Anchondo at 915-538-2291 or email her here. Or, if you wish please contact the editor of the San Marcos Mercury by email here.

Aurora, Neb.

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