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July 8th, 2013
Modeling agency drops Bobcat for televised comments on Asians, gays




The Internet is abuzz with indignation over a series of ill-advised statements made by a 22-year-old Texas State psychology student in Sunday’s episode of “Big Brother,” the long-running CBS reality show.

The season’s fifth episode started off with a montage of comments by San Angelo native Aaryn Gries, most of them directed at Asians. She tells a fellow houseguest that contestant Helen Kim should “go make some rice” and later tells another counterpart that “I probably look like a squinty Asian right now.” She is also shown impersonating an Asian nail salon worker with a clipped faux-Vietnamese accent.

Earlier in the season, she called a gay housemate “queer.”

Austin-based Zephyr Talent said in a July 3 statement — after her comments were heard in the 24-hour live feed of the Big Brother house — that it was canceling Gries’ modeling contract because her comments “revealed prejudices and other believes that we do not condone.”

“Any views or opinions expressed in personal commentary by Aaryn, either on any live feed from the House or during the broadcast, are hers alone and do not represent the views or opinions of Zephyr Talent. Upon much consideration, we have decided to release Aaryn from her contract with Zephyr Talent,” someone posted on the agency’s Facebook page.

Gries presumably doesn’t know that her stock has taken a dive since cast members are supposed to be cut off from all communication with the outside world. In her profile on the show’s website, she says she expects the experience to put “my dreams on fast-track.”

”I think I will go into the game with the same mentality I go into life: only focusing on myself and what I need to do to make it through,” Gries is quoted as saying in the profile. She also says she intends to use her psychology training to win the game.

Watch Gries in action in this clip:

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17 thoughts on “Modeling agency drops Bobcat for televised comments on Asians, gays

  1. The laughs on you Aaryn. No one will ever look at you the same way. You are a true embarrassment to yourself and your friends and family. The way you say things on live T.V. proves you are not only ignorant but a hateful girl. I hope to see you in many counseling sessions before anyone considers giving you any sort of break or chance in employment in the future. I want to know what you have to say about this and wish I could be there when your face falls in your own embarrassment when you learn of your fate in modeling. You are down right low class trash. Get some help for God’s sake.

  2. Hideous people make for great reality TV. Nobody wants to watch people be nice to one another, and shows like Big Brother are built around manufactured conflict. So producers pay for this behavior. I’m sure that girl doesn’t care a bit that she was dropped by an Austin modeling agency because now she’s nationally known, even if she’s known for being awful.

  3. I will personally make an effort unless she does apologize to discredit her. Look at Paula Deen. This little girl isn’t that pretty enough to make it past this show.

  4. I wonder why this article doesn’t also specifically mention the comment(s) she made about African Americans.

  5. Nah, it’s in that video, which I can’t believe I watched.

    “Be careful what you say in the dark, because you might not be able to see that b—-.”

    Way to represent us Bobcats.

  6. She also said “they’ll stick together because of the ‘black thing'” while referring to a possible alliance between the two black house guests – which isn’t so offensive unless you stack it up with the rest of the stuff that she has said.

    It’s worth noting that she’s not a Texas girl – she graduated from high school in an almost-all-white suburban Colorado town and is only here for college.

  7. But really… if some country red neck dude who didn’t take pictures in a swimsuit said the same, it would be nothing. A couple of ignorant comments and an impression that taken on the whole do not even mean that she would discriminate. Now everybody wants to pile on. A modeling agency who nobody has ever heard of tries to get their five minutes by looking sensitive; Adrian makes it his personal mission to “discredit” her (whatever that means) — absurd. Give her some grace and room to learn from it.

  8. She talked about the black and white fish and the back of the bus and last night she did her best black girl exaggerated accent after she flipped the mattress of the black girl Candice’s bed.

    But the most hideous thing she said was when another person took her aside and said you are being called a racist and explained what was happening and how she was being perceived and she said “I REALLY WISH I CARED ABOUT THIS BUT I JUST DON’T”.

    Don’t know what her parents are like but this is the mind to be of a child who has heard this all their life because racist comments just roll off her tongue, like you would say hello.

  9. I am a woman. dis·cred·it (ds-krdt)
    tr.v. dis·cred·it·ed, dis·cred·it·ing, dis·cred·its
    1. To damage in reputation; disgrace.
    2. To cause to be doubted or distrusted.
    3. To refuse to believe.
    1. Loss of or damage to one’s reputation.
    2. Lack or loss of trust or belief; doubt.
    3. Something damaging to one’s reputation or stature.
    If she doesn’t apologize is what I stated. She is old enough to know what she said and was asked to apologize and to be more sensitive. She laughed it off. I do believe enough people have seen this that her reputation as far as representing any agency has already been damaged.

  10. Producers of this show are brilliant, they are feeding off all the racial tension and race baiting crap the media has been pushing and trickin you idiots into watching a garbage program. I had never seen an episode of this crap until you forced me to see if she was calling someone a racial slur. Oh look there’s a white girl making fun of ethnicities on tv ! She’ll end up having her own comedy central show.

  11. Nannystater, you’re right about everything except the Comedy Central show. They wouldn’t touch her because she isn’t funny and there’s no point to her schtick. She may be offered a show somewhere in the cable cesspool (or to be a “cast” member on one), but it’s going to be some sad down-market reality TV mess where they conjure up situations for her to be ugly toward people and to say all the stuff everyone else is too smart to say on camera.

    Oh yeah. This is gonna work out great.

  12. Ms. Adrian, I was more curious about “I will personally make an effort unless she does apologize to discredit her” meant. Why would you care that much? Why does she owe you an apology? How will you go about your campaign of discrediting?

  13. I guess the only thing I could do is to remind anyone who hires her what a disgrace she is and how she shouldn’t be a representative for them. Along with petitions and making sure her words are heard. To me she seems smart enough to know better but does not care. That annoys me to the fullest. She doesn’t owe mean apology. She was not funny and the amount of times she used her slurs is disturbing, She said stuff behind their backs.

  14. I was wondering why her mulitple instances of derisive comments to African Americans was left out of the story. There was the seeing someone in the dark, black fish white fish and the back of the bus, imitating in an insulting way the African American female on the show talking in a racists perceived way she would talk, and finally her laughing about African commiercials with flys on the Africans (these of course are generally about starving children with distended bellies)and the worst was when she was told very nicely she was being racist she got all upset because she gets called Barbie and that people were perceiving her as a racist “I wish I could care about this more but I just don’t”
    Who raised this girl this sound like a long term indoctrination by her family. Not just since she went in this house.

  15. She didnt get voted off, uh oh I-35 will probably be blocked off tomorrow. Keep your car windows rolled up and get your kids allergy meds tonight while you can!


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