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June 5th, 2013
Brad Rollins’ Blog: A new milestone in readership


May was a record-setting month for the San Marcos Mercury both in terms of the number of people who visited our little local news website and the number of times they found reason to come back for more.

For the first time, the San Marcos Mercury exceeded 50,000 visits in one month. And, for the first time, we exceeded 30,000 unique visitors — an exceedingly conservative measure of how many living, breathing people visited the Mercury using IP addresses as the yardstick.

San Marcos and Central Texans came by the thousands to read about the tragic assault and subsequent death of Katie Mayfield (7,255 views); the Census Bureau declaring San Marcos the fastest-growing city in the whole country (6,344 views); Darren Casey’s uphill battle to build a major shopping and housing destination on Sessom Drive (3,596 views); HEB’s new plans for a third San Marcos location (2,122 views); and a sewage spill into the San Marcos River (1,676).

The bottom line: San Marcos is picking up what the Mercury is laying down.

These charts show how our readership has grown just since last year. Be sure to scroll all the way down to the last graph, which shows where our readers are — in San Marcos, of course, but across Hays County and up and down the central Interstate 35 corridor.

mercury 50k visits comp - 630

dotted line for web

mercury 50k unique visitors comp-630

dotted line for web

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2 thoughts on “Brad Rollins’ Blog: A new milestone in readership

  1. Good job, Brad! I was a customer and advertiser in the other one, but you have risen to the top! Enjoy reading your work.

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