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May 21st, 2013
Roark, Murphy announce city council bids


More than two months before the start of filing for the November 2013, two candidates on Monday announced their bids for San Marcos City Council within hours of each other.



Rob Roark, 47, a quality control inspector for a New Braunfels pipe manufacturer, said he will run for the Place 1 seat, currently held by Kim Porterfield, who has said she will not seek a third term.

Roark, who ran as a “Ron Paul Republican” in the GOP primary last year for Congressional District 35, said his city council campaign will focus on basic infrastructure, reduced spending and encouraging more citizen participation at City Hall.

“I want to move our community’s focus on core services — roads, police, and fire protection — instead of the latest shiny bauble,” Roark said.

Roark has lived in San Marcos for 10 years and has two children, an adult daughter who lives in South Dakota, and a 16-year-old son who attends San Marcos High School. He is a member of the San Marcos Greenbelt Alliance and Open San Marcos.

Also on Monday, Mason Murphy, 34, a counselor at Texas State University’s Career Services office, said he will seek the Place 2 seat currently held by council member Jude Prather. Although he has not formally announced a re-election bid, Prather has told the San Marcos Mercury he will run for a second term.



A resident of San Marcos for about 1½ years, Murphy was a city council appointee to the Comprehensive Plan citizen advisory committee in 2012 and 2013. He said his campaign will focus on increasing economic development, improving K-16 education and “supporting our men and women in public safety and emergency medical service roles.”

“I want to bring a different perspective and new ideas” to the city council, Murphy told the San Marcos Mercury.

San Marcos voters will elect council members for the at-large Place 1 and Place 2 seats, as well as proposed City Charter amendments.

The City Charter Review Commission is expected to make its recommendation to the city council on updates to the city’s governing document in the next few weeks. The council will decide which proposed amendments to put on the ballot for voter consideration.

The filing period for city council seats is July 27 to Aug. 26. Election Day is Nov. 5 with early voting Oct. 21 to Nov. 1.

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» Roark’s congressional campaign Facebook page
(No city council campaign website yet).

» Murphy’s city council campaign website

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DISCLOSURE: Prather has a financial relationship with the San Marcos Mercury as reported in his personal finance disclosure statements on file with the San Marcos City Clerk. In 2011 and 2012, he loaned a total of $2,000 to San Marcos Mercury Publisher Brad Rollins for business use.

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18 thoughts on “Roark, Murphy announce city council bids

  1. Hmmm. I don’t really have a dog in this fight. And I don’t know how they conduct campaigns and elections in Ohio. But in Texas, you have to file a treasurers appointment (even if it is yourself) before you start spending money on websites and political signs – and before you start soliciting donations. This article said they “announced” their candidacy. But has any paperwork been filed? Sounds to me like the City isn’t taking any paperwork until July.


  2. Lila my guess is that they are just getting a jump on getting their names out there and gaining supporters early in the game. You must file the paperwork…financial disclosures and the like, and have an appointed treasurer and bank account for candidacy before you can spend any money on your campaign in Texas. There are no laws against announcing that you will be running.

    Thanks for stepping up to all three candidates, anyone who has run before knows what it takes to run a campaign, it is rigorous to say the least 🙂

  3. Crap. Just when I thought I could take the summer off, now I have to spend it keeping Rob Roark from getting elected.

  4. Always thought you have to a screw loose to run for political office. I guess this proves that point. Have enough negativity in SM already.

  5. Melissa – money HAS been spent. On a website. And, apparently, on yard signs – which are pictured on the website. As having been stuck in someone’s yard.

    I have no problem with “announcing” early. But you need to be able to demonstrate that you can run an ethical campaign. It reflects on how you will act once you are elected.

  6. It’s important to note that filing for office, and filing a treasurer appointment are two separate actions in Texas. While there are set filing periods for getting a spot on the ballot, there are no limits to filing a treasurer appointment. You don’t even have to declare which office you plan to run for when you file a treasurer appointment.

    Mr. Murphy’s site lists himself as his campaign treasurer. This is legal as long as his expenditures don’t exceed $500, which is certainly possible at this early stage. Even when he does pass $500, he has a full 15 days to get everything filed.

  7. City Clerk Jamie Pettijohn just told me that Murphy appointed a campaign treasurer (himself) in February. Roark has not made a treasurer appointment through her office.

  8. paulyd, you don’t have to have a screw loose you just have to care ~ A LOT!! Now determining what a candidate really cares about, and if it’s in line with your vision for the city can knock a screw or two loose 😉

    At times it’s hard to find straight-up honest candidates that run for the love of their city, there are many agendas that could lead a person to run for office. I know these three candidates, and I know we’ll have more candidates signing up to run against them. I suppose the games have begun a little early this year ~

  9. Looks like Mr. Murphy has Griffin Spell in his corner. Can it be a coincidence that Murphy and Roark “announce” on the same day – “within hours of each other” ?

  10. I’m not working on Mr. Murphy’s campaign, although I was aware he was considering a run. I have no insider knowledge on his campaign’s finances other than what I know from personal experience, what Brad has posted, and what is publicly available.

  11. Lila “stay out of Kyle’s business because it doesn’t concern you” Knight?

    Yeah, considering that’s her mindset, she sure seems to have her nose in San Marcos business a lot doesn’t she?

    I guess we’re to do as she says, not as she does…..

  12. Dear SMsince 95
    Why don’t you post your name and run for political office yourself since you have consistent criticism for those that hold elected positions and those that desire to be elected. I know Rob Roark personally and will support him for city council. Please get involved and attend some public meetings so you are more informed about what is really going on.

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