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March 22nd, 2013
Lawmakers again attempting to declare sovereignty

Some Texas lawmakers are renewing an effort to make Texas’ stance on Washington policies official through resolutions reaffirming the state’s sovereignty. They say that such resolutions are important declarations and that the issue isn’t a partisan one.

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One thought on “Lawmakers again attempting to declare sovereignty

  1. Are you leaving the mainstream media aka Lamestream media to join the Flat Earth Media? The stories you published today are not local and are certainly out there. I’d love to hear about the Cities plan for the river and coverage of the School Board Bond rather than where the States hold is and if The Lege is wasting its time treading water on ideas that play to the fringe bases and accomplish nothing. If you are going to cover the Lege why not ask about things that really matter on. Day to day basis like why Senate had not confirmed the Insurance Commissioner or the Col at DPS.

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