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March 5th, 2013
City Council sprints through unusually brief meeting

At its regular meeting on March 5, the council:

  • Received its annual financial report from outside auditor Chris Pruitt of Waco-based Patillo, Brown and Hill. The city received an “unqualified” opinion on its audit, ”the highest opinion you can receive,” Pruitt said. Copies of the audit documents were not immediately available online.
  • Appointed council member Kim Porterfield to the board of directors for the Capital Area Rural Transportation Authority.
  • Re-appointed Christie Maycock, Bill Cunningham, Gaylord Bose, Dave Newman and Ralph Meyer to the Main Street Advisory Board.
  • Appointed Rick Henderson as an alternate to the Zoning Board of Adjustments.


San Marcos City Council blew through an unusually brief regular meeting Tuesday night, the shortest since 2005.

A reporter who arrived at the meeting at 6:20 p.m. found City Hall darkened and its front doors locked tight. Council meetings typically last a minimum of two hours; the last regular meeting on Feb. 19, for example, dragged on nearly to midnight.

Mayor Daniel Guerrero and council members John Thomaides, Jude Prather and Ryan Thomason said the short meeting resulted from a short agenda. A few insiders, including City Manager Jim Nuse, rebuffed the suggestion that something out of the ordinary is unfolding at City Hall.

The council heard a presentation at 5:30 p.m. on the city’s annual financial report and quickly approved a hodgepodge of routine resolutions and board appointments. All told, actual meeting time was about 17 minutes, not counting a break to eat birthday cake for council member Kim Porterfield.

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5 thoughts on “City Council sprints through unusually brief meeting

  1. Hopefully there will be a hat rack nearby by the next meeting for those that choose to wear hats in an effort to help cover up their bad hair days. Our Mayor was concerned that I should start removing my hat when I address the dias, so I chose to respect his request. Yes, this would be normal protocal, especially in Texas, where hats were always removed indoors as tradition, city hall or not. My appologies to the Mayor, council, and citizenery for purposefully ignoring this tradtion the past 16 months or so while visiting with these folks in their house. Perhaps respect will be the new order going forward, it is surely a two way street, and the residents of this city would surely welcome such a turn of events. Sessom Canyon rezoning application looms in the future, it will be interesting to see if like last time our elected/ appointed/ employed city employees resemble a cheerleading team for the developer, or fair and impartial representatives of the people. Remember, SPOT ZONING IS ILLEGAL !!!:-) jlb

  2. I am sorry, but manners dictate that gentlemen though not ladies remove their covers (hats) while inside a structure. So, JLB need not apologize for remaining covered whilst indoors. I do not keep up with such things, but post 9/11 rules might dictate that even ladies must remove their hats if such garments be large enough to conceal a Glock 40 or a 9 millimeter. If so, such a rule is ludicrous–I have seen hairdos large enought to conceal such a handgun with enough hairspray to support the weight. Please pray for simpler solutions.

  3. Come on Jaimy….this is Texas….keep your hat on…they have no right to tell or even ask you to remove it if they can still look you in the eyes…somebody mentioned concealing weapons…that’s a joke…if that is there reason then maybe they should represent the people better so as not to put themselves in a position to worry of such foolishness

  4. @ Bill Haney….Not sure what to make of your thoughts here, almost sounds like an inference that because I am a lady????( not ) that I do not need to remove my hat??? Maybe it is my first name, definitely not female though , did go by James for awhile when I was a kid. Oh well, simply confussion perhaps… 🙂 jlb

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