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January 7th, 2013
Commission to review city charter


A committee of seven citizens appointed by the city council will review the San Marcos City Charter over the next six months and propose possible amendments for voter approval.

First adopted by voters in 1967, the city charter describes the form of government, powers of the city, city council qualifications, elections, and compensation, financial responsibilities, borrowing, taxation, planning and zoning, initiative and referendum, and other duties of the city Council and administration. It functions like the city’s constitution and supersedes all other municipal laws, except those mandated by the state.

The city council is scheduled to discuss the charge and nominations to the board at its meeting on today and appoint the seven members at the next meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 15.

According to the charter, the commission may inquire into the operation of city government, hold public hearings and seek information and records of city officials.

The commission may make recommendations to departments for compliance with the charter and recommend possible amendments to the city council, which could then place proposed changes on the ballot for voter consideration.

A 2008 charter amendment provided that starting in 2013, the city council will appoint a Charter Review Commission every four years.

The city council will also hold its annual appointment process for other boards and commissions for 2013. Nominations are scheduled to be discussed at the Jan. 15 city council meeting with appointments made in February.

Residents interested in serving on a board or commission may fill out a volunteer interest application available online here and submit it to the city clerk’s office at City Hall, 630 E. Hopkins. A board brochure is available online that describes each board and qualifications for membership.

City boards and commissions include: Airport Commission, Animal Shelter Advisory Board, Arts Commission, Cemetery Commission, Charter Review Commission, Civil Service Commission, Citizens Utility Advisory Board, Construction Board of Appeals, Economic Development Board, Ethics Review Commission, Historic Preservation Commission, Housing Authority, Human Services Advisory Board.

Also, the Library Board, Main Street Advisory Board, Neighborhood Commission, Parks and Recreation Board, Planning and Zoning Commission, San Marcos/ Hays County Emergency Medical Services Committee, Senior Citizen Advisory Board, Sunset Advisory Commission, Veterans Affairs Advisory Committee, and Zoning Board of Adjustments and Appeals.

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