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November 24th, 2012
Nexus employees donate to Hays County Food Bank

Ed Bolton, Owner and President of Nexus Medical Consulting, adds up the total pounds of donations.


A competitive and generous spirit motivated employees of Nexus Medical Consulting, 101 Thermon Drive, to donate almost 1,000 pounds of food to the Hays County Food Bank recently. Over the past four weeks, employees assiduously collected canned and non perishable food items. Little Guy movers volunteered to transport  the hefty donation to the food bank.

“At Nexus we understand how important community outreach should be for all businesses,” said Ed Bolton, the company’s owner and president. “We have been greatly blessed and it is our responsibility as individuals to give to those who are hurting and needy among us.”

While the effort was inspired by the needs of economically challenged citizens in the community, the collection effort was aided by a certain amount of competition.

Said Bolton, “We love competition, and when we saw a fellow employee bring in a large amount of food, it was motivation for us to try harder and bring in more ourselves, especially because we knew our competition would only benefit those who are in need.”

Longtime Nexus employee Shannon Gildea added, “Nexus has always been supportive of employee efforts and ideas to help the public. It’s really great to see what can be done for the community by people just like you and me; we don’t need a special program to do it, we can just band together ourselves to make a difference.”

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One thought on “Nexus employees donate to Hays County Food Bank

  1. Well Done Nexus Team! Mr. Bolton and his Company helped lift the clouds that hover over so many of our area families during these brutal financial times. It is difficult to grasp being hungry-unless you’ve felt it. I can tell you there aren’t many human pain thresh holds more overwhelming than ones in the heart of a parent that cannot feed their child. Efforts like the one Nexus employees made are truly needed. Thank You Nexus!

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