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November 8th, 2012
Audio: Could marijuana legalization happen in Texas?


After Colorado and Washington voted on Tuesday to ease marijuana laws, some proponents of legalization think their cause could pick up steam in other states, including Texas.

MARK DEWEY reports for KUT News where this story was originally broadcast. It is made available here through a news partnership between the Texas Tribune and the San Marcos Mercury.

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4 thoughts on “Audio: Could marijuana legalization happen in Texas?

  1. I am not going to express my view one way or the other on the idea of legalized marijuana, but I do think this is going to be an interesting time in our history to once again watch the battle for States Rights.

  2. Legalize it, regulate it, and tax it. Our elected reps don’t have the courage to voice support for an end to the “war on drugs”, even though the “war” was lost years ago.

  3. The drug cartels are pushing drugs into the states for them to legalize drugs for personal use they dont want you to go around selling pounds or ounces they just want us to be able to walk around with a few grams an not get busted for something so minor an if all the Marijuana smokers were to actually ban together an cause an up roar to make marijuana legal in texas we can make it happen but alot of people in texas are closet smokers an care to much what others around them think of them when they’re not doing anything bad just sitting an eating i can definitely see marijuana legalized in texas especially if our state CAPITAL has events on 4/20 supporting the use of marijuana

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