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October 23rd, 2012
Letter: I believe in public schools and Jason Isaac


After reading several letters to the Editor I felt compelled to write this one. I have lived in Hays County and the Dripping Springs ISD for seven years. I have four children attending school there from high school to grade school ages. My wife is currently a substitute teacher but has over 20 years of full time teaching experience.

Our family believes in our public school system and Jason Isaac.

Over the past ten years student costs have accelerated in disproportionate amounts with enrollment and student achievement. Rising administrative expenses and whimsical expenditures by school districts have caused this disparity.

What Jason Isaac has done for the DSISD is support our teachers by advocating increasing teacher salaries while fighting standardized testing, and unfunded mandates.

Jason Isaac doesn’t stop there. While our school district is very important it’s not the only issue for a State Representative. Jason Isaac has supported our veterans, fought for small business in Hays County and brings proven leadership to our community.

I hope you will join my family in supporting Jason Isaac.

Dripping Springs

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7 thoughts on “Letter: I believe in public schools and Jason Isaac

  1. “What Jason Isaac has done for the DSISD is support our teachers by advocating increasing teacher salaries while fighting standardized testing, and unfunded mandates.”

    THis was said after he voted to cut school financing, this is just talk to try to get re-elected. Jason DOES NOT care about schools or our children

  2. Jason does care about our schools and children!

    Do you really want to talk about someone trying to get elected? JA is on TXState campus trying to get votes from students by passing out a piece of paper saying he will lower tuition and provide tax free textbooks…I’d really like to know how he plans to do that! Especially since that’s the first time in his campaign that those issues have been brought up.

    JA is just trying to get as many votes as he can by lying to students and talking them into voting for him.

    John Adams is wrong for Texas State and wrong for Texas.

  3. Walter you might want to go back through his House voting record a little closer. It would make it appear otherwise.

  4. I studied Mr. Isaac’s record of introduced legislation and his voting record and found it to be closely aligned with the American Legislative Exchange Council’s (ALEC) agenda. ALEC is controlled by a Washington DC lobbyist by the name of Grover Norquist and he tacitly controls the outcome by compelling legislators like Mr. Isaac to sign a pledge. Mr. Norquist has stated publically he wants to shrink government to a size that can be drown in a bathtub.

    I do not want a representative that is beholden to a DC lobbyist who is pulling their strings with implied threats (see 60 Minutes interview with Mr. Norquist).

    I want a representative who will promise to defend and support the Constitutuon of the United States of America. A representative who will uphold the Constitutution of our great state of Texas. A representative who will bring a voice of the citizens of District 45 to the next legislative session. That is why my vote will be cast for Mr. Adams.

  5. Keep taxdollars in Texas and cut off tainted federal intervention by failed “appointed” cabinet members of the failed administrations that they are controlled by like puppets! Vote for conservative republicans, and ascertain states rights to make decisions locally! JLB 🙂

  6. District 45 deserves Isaac. The people of the district wanted less government, well you got less government and it is time to pay for it. You want good schools, but you don’t want to pay for it. You want good government, one that is there when you need it, and not when you don’t, but you don’t want to pay for it.

    It is time to stop being a freeloader. Texas education ranks, literally. We have become the “Thank God for Texas” state across the country. We are a model of what not to be and you can thank the tea party Isaac for this.

    So, vote for Isaac because you deserve everything you are not getting and please stop whining about it.

  7. Texas and Hays county cannot afford the tax, pend, tax some more tactics of Politician John Adams. I don’t like that he was relentless in trying to pass tax increases in Drippin’. Although his efforts failed everyone can see his intentions. He was hypocritical on SB 8 by trying everything he could to reduce teacher pay and lay off teachers. Besides, he just acts sleazy.

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