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October 23rd, 2012
Letter: A wife’s endorsement for John Adams


People who know me know that I don’t really get involved in politics very much. Today, however, I make an exception. My husband, John Adams, is running for state representative in House District 45 and I wanted to make one observation.

We’re going to hear a lot from both sides. I want people to understand I know John better than anyone, and I know his interests are in ensuring all our children are well educated.

Many partisans will support Mr. Isaac, and many partisans will support John. It is important for nonpartisan, independent voters to know that ParentPAC has endorsed John. ParentPAC, made up of parents who advocate for education, is bipartisan.

It will support and endorse just as many Republican as Democratic candidates in this election, using the candidate’s demonstrated passion for education as their guide. Voters should know that when they vote for State Representative.

Dripping Springs

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