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October 22nd, 2012
San Antonio daily endorses Narvaiz


Former San Marcos Mayor Susan Narvaiz has won the endorsement of the San Antonio Express-News, the largest circulation newspaper in the new CD-35 she is running to represent in the U.S. House of Representatives.

In editorial published on Sunday, the newspaper said Narvaiz has “a true understanding of the needs of the Interstate 35 corridor” and blamed her opponent, U.S. Rep. Lloyd Doggett, for slowing the appointment of federal judges, including one in San Antonio.

The endorsement reads:

District 35 is a new district spawned by population growth. We recommend Republican nominee Susan Narvaiz for this position.

Narvaiz is a former mayor of San Marcos. As a municipal leader, Narvaiz learned the importance of putting community needs before partisan political agendas. She is conservative, but also practical. And Narvaiz brings a true understanding of the needs of the Interstate 35 corridor to the table.

U.S. Rep. Lloyd Doggett, an Austin Democrat, is seeking election in this district because the Legislature cut Democratic strength in District 25, which Doggett represents.

Doggett is among the most partisan members of an excessively polarized Congress. As chairman of the Texas Democratic congressional delegation, Doggett carries a significant amount of blame for partisan fighting that has slowed the appointment of U.S. District judges in Texas. A seat in San Antonio has been vacant for several years, and interference from House Democrats, who lack constitutional standing in the process, has been part of the problem.

Narvaiz is the clear choice in the new district.

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15 thoughts on “San Antonio daily endorses Narvaiz

  1. “As a municipal leader, Narvaiz learned the importance of putting community needs before partisan political agendas.”

    Perhaps they know another Susan Narvaiz, and they’re confusing our Susan Narvaiz with theirs. Because our Susan Narvaiz sounds nothing like the person described in that sentence.

    Narvaiz is a Tea Party poster gal who is running a classic Sarah Palin campaign. Any idiot can see she will prove as partisan as any conservative freshman in Congress. The Express-News is insane or foolish or both to think otherwise.

  2. It’s good to see that the SA Express-News recognized real dedication to public service when they interviewed Susan Narviaz. She is a dedicated person who will work hard in Congress to do what is right and fight for a responsible government. Susan has the real experience, outside the Washington bubble, that is needed truly represent CD-35. Good luck, Susan!

  3. SA Express-News has earned my respect by recognizing media responsibility to thoroughly examine which leadership will be the most prudent for San Antonio and CD 35 prior to endorsement and they have chosen the right person. I applaud the newspaper for extending their support by endorsement & making a positive statement to see Susan Narvaiz go to Washington DC in January 2013. Bexar County will be proud of the many solutions she’ll bring back to the district. I’ll point to one of the glaring differences between Susan and her opponent. Susan Narvaiz will not forget that she works for and serves the people that elect her. Vote for Susan!

  4. I once attended a talk in San Marcos by Narvaiz where she was talking to a group of young folks. She was telling them they could do anything they wanted, like she did. She didn’t even have to graduate from high school to be the mayor of San Marcos.

    I guess this news paper thinks that works for our federal leaders too.

    We’re in good hands?

  5. At one time, Murdock’s News Corp did own the E-N. It was sold about twenty years ago. If one reads the entire endorsement editorial, the paper’s left of center positions become evident. They endorsed only a couple of Republicans besides Narvaiz. The large majority of endorsements went to left of center Democrats, including our feckless President, the washed up caustic Dem Senate candidate Sadler, perennial losing candidate Courage, and strange make-believe educator Rebecca Bell-Metereau. Believe me, these Texas Democrats would not have been the choices of a News Corp editorial board, which are generally more sensible.

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