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October 11th, 2012
Letter: Nothing ‘slight’ about John Adam’s tax hikes


In a previous letter to the editor, Marvadene Eves stated that Jason Isaac opposed a “slight tax increase”.

I wonder if everyone in DSISD would consider a 12.5 percenttax increase a “slight” tax increase? I wonder if the elderly in DSISD on a fixed income would consider 12.5 percent a “slight” tax increase? I know that this kind of increase would be difficult for my family to afford, which is why I voted against it.

Apparently voters didn’t think it was a “slight” tax increase either and overwhelmingly (74 percent) rejected Democrat John Adams’ tax increase.

If Ms. Eaves would do her research to get her facts straight, she would know that the state actually spent $125.2 million more on education this biennium that last. Jason Isaac supports increasing teacher pay and getting rid of unfunded mandates to allow school districts to spend more money in the classroom instead of on administrative expenses. These are exactly the kind of changes we need to improve our education system.

Meanwhile, Jason Isaac’s opponent, Democrat John Adams, who served on the school board, voted to lay off eight teachers while sitting on over 13 million dollars in the DSISD reserve fund.

The Texas Education Agency recommends that school districts keep two months of operating expenses in their reserve fund. DSISD has over double the recommended amount in their savings account. Just HALF of the money in this account could pay for approximately 150 teaching positions.

John Adams demanded that the state spend more of our rainy day fund on education while he was hoarding money in DSISD’s own large savings account and firing teachers. That is hypocritical and wrong.

Let’s get our facts straight and make an educated vote. I know the facts before I cast my vote. That is why I am voting for Jason Isaac as my state representative.


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17 thoughts on “Letter: Nothing ‘slight’ about John Adam’s tax hikes

  1. How can you vote for Issac if you live in Austin? That’s where your letter says you’re from.

  2. -Poindexter: Austin has become quite the big city & it is Isaac not Issac.

    -Karen Keswick: RE: Education Taxes and Receipts

    “The state reduced the Maintenance and Operations portion of all school district tax rates by approximately one third in 2006. In Dripping Springs, the M&O rate was lowered by 46 cents from $1.50 in 2005-06 to $1.04 in 2007-08.
    Over the past 15 years, the total rate has ranged from $1.97 (per $100 certified property value) in 1998, to $1.4153 in 2007. At that time, the state created other revenue options to replace the lost tax revenue, such as the business margin tax. Unfortunately, revenue from those sources has not met projected levels, leading to a state funding deficit in public education. For school districts, per-student funding levels essentially have been frozen at 2005-06 levels. Since that time, school districts have had to absorb all inflationary and additional costs, contributing to budget deficits for many districts including DSISD (in 2010-11).
    During the 2011 legislative session, education funds statewide were
    reduced by $4 billion, which meant a $2.1 million cut for DSISD (6.4 percent of the District’s total state funding). In 2012-13, the District will lose an additional $3.1 million in state funding (8.9 percent). Dripping Springs ISD received one of the highest percentage reductions of all Texas school districts.”

    John Adams might be fiscally responsible and somewhat conservative (you would think that would make conservatives want to do the Snoopy dance with him) but why punish or center on him for hundreds of school districts across the state having to make due with less money? The tax increase when looked at as factually stated above was past due and absolutely necessary to prevent the firing of more teachers and cutting back of more programs that directly impact our kids. I think you are just playing politics and not looking at the big picture.

    All of us who are on a tight budget must make sacrifices that we don’t necessarily want to make but some months, we have to. I would gladly give up my $10 a month cable tv to insure my kids had the best staff (justly rewarded) and equipment to teach them with. That’s what it would have cost me if I lived in Dripping Springs and the vote to increase taxes for education prevailed.

    I swear that if anyone ever starts calling me a fiscal liberal instead of a fiscal conservative it will probably be over me going hog wild spending on quality educational tools – like the thousands of talented, devoted, hard-working teachers and administrators that contribute to the students in Texas every working day.

    If your goal is to slowly starve the public educational system in Texas then keep on trucking down the contradictory road of we won’t raise taxes AKA we won’t give one more dime to “government” but we care about our children and their education. I have heard people say education is so important, especially, for their kids to be able to say their morning prayers to jesus and learn the other side of evolution. It gets kookier and scarier every year in Texas. I figure we can’t afford even one more year of austerity regarding our spending on education or we will soon become the TalibanTexas state.

    I am just a bit frustrated with the lack of reason and logic in the political and social arena today. Did everyone just forget that if you breed like rabbits and you still want to have your little bunnies educated, you have to pay for it? The rest of us also want your little bunnies educated so we contribute, too. The ones who don’t want to pay? They manufacture guns or rant on and on about the second amendment and how they have to protect themselves against all the uneducated, little bunnies running around.

  3. Jason has done nothing for Hays County, Voting “PRESENT” and avoiding taking a stand one way or the other doesn’t cut it. It’s time for a change.

    Oh, the reason Jason has support in Austin (the letter writer) is because most of his donations come from outside of Hays County. He is to busy trying to please the Dallas, Houston and Austin crowd. He’s left the folks of Hays County that voted him in out to dry.

  4. Ultimately, the lack of contribution of all to the tax base is the primary problem, not the tax rate.Those making bunnies are not covering their farm costs. New rule, if you make little bunnies, you pay for them, not me! Just say no to unfunded bunnies:-) Texas will never be a liberal, unfunded bunnie farm!Life is not free, or someone elses responsibility to pay for…JLB 🙂

  5. Some of Austin’s city limits spill over into Hays County, and a number of people near there in the ETJ consider themselves Austinites, and live in Hays County.

    Oh, and as for Adams:

    Allen, Patricia (Mr.) $100.00
    Trinity, FL 34655

    Barrs, John (Mr.) $50.00
    BOCA RATON, FL 33487-1632

    Berkowitz, Jeff (Mr.) $50.00
    Woodbury, CT 06798

    Boghossian, Zarik (Mr.) $250.00
    Glendale, CA 91207

    Boghossian, Zarik (Mr.) $250.00
    Glendale, CA 91207

    $700 out-of state funds just from the A’s and B’s.

  6. Hey Griffin

    You know the point I’m making is right, by pointing out Adam’s relatives who live out of state that gave money, it makes you look even worse than when you dropped out of the council race.

    No one trusts or belives a word you say!!!! Oh, and the fact that Jason’s relatives won’t even donate to his cause, now that speaks volumes about who he is.

  7. HCK,

    I don’t have a dog in this fight, but you’ve made some pretty sweeping accusations – can you prove:

    1. the people Griffin listed are Adams’ relatives?
    2. none of Isaacs’ relatives donated to him?
    3. no one trusts Griffin?

    Thanks in advance.

  8. Dano,

    The truth is Jason has done nothing for Hays County. Spell is trying to twist the truth, not cool. Oh, and like you say, since you don’t have a dog in the fight maybe you should keep your comments to yourself.

  9. HCK,

    I do have a dog in this fight, but have yet to decide between the two candidates. Dano raises some very fair questions to which you didn’t really respond. In fact, your response isn’t very tactful at all and therefore I’m having a hard time believing the input you have into this fight is even valid.

  10. Correction: “but have yet to decide between the THREE candidates.”

    Though one wouldn’t realize that if they only paid attention to major news outlets.

  11. I use my name on the Mercury because I stand by what I say. It opens me up to personal attacks, but I take it in stride and accept that there will always be a few people who are more concerned with tearing others down than building up our community.

    “Hays County Kid”, I encourage you to come clean with San Marcos and stand by your comments. But if hiding behind a computer screen and lobbing personal attacks is how John Adams’s team operates, that tells me all I need to know about him.

  12. FOREMOST – there was no 12.5% tax increase. period. so quit harping on that, its stupid. the big question is: if dsisd/adams had reserve $, that would only keep 1 district afloat. what happens to every other district after isaacs cuts?

    1) does it really matter if a candidate in a $30k race gets less than a grand from out of state (some of which is apparently family)?
    2) @travis, where can i find out who is/more about this 3rd candidate? also, st rep is an easy pick. do you like the current guy and things he votes for? if so, pick him. if not, pick one of the other guys. ps i wouldnt reccommend a 3rd party pick if you want your vote to matter
    3) @dano, check out for contributor info

    i really like hck, he/she hits hard and pretty much sticks to the point.

  13. The names I posted were JUST people with a last name starting with A or B (Adams lists his contributors alphabetically). I also excluded a few donors with the last name “Adams” for obvious reasons. Adams gets about 70% of his donations from out-of-district.

  14. so i took a gander at the reports, and found that “out-of-district” is really just a scare tactic. you are correct griffin, many of mr adams donors are out of district, in far away places like AUSTIN!

    dont try and pull one over on us, friend. the voters are smarter than that

  15. Hopefully, the voters in HD 45 are smart enough to recognize the current puppet who is beholden to a DC lobbyist, Grover Norquist. I studied Mr. Isaac’s legislative record and voting record and found it lacking, then I found out he is connected to the American Legislative Exchance Council (ALEC) and all the pieces fell into place. That is why I am voting for Mr. Adams, a leader, not a puppet.

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