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October 11th, 2012
Letter: John Adams is right for women


I am a graduate student at Texas State and have lived in San Marcos for over two years. While pursuing my bachelor’s degree in political science I developed a love for civic engagement, which prompted my joining the aster’s of Public Administration program here. The policy area I am most interested in is healthcare, particularly women’s healthcare.

Women and children’s healthcare are not prioritized by our current representative. John Adams echoed this sentiment at an event I attended last Tuesday. Adams believes programs aimed at ensuring a good future for women and children ought to be held in the highest regard. His opponent, Jason Isaac, voted to cut two thirds of the funding allocated for family planning. Thirty percent of Texas women aged 19-64 don’t have private insurance, so these cuts kill their crucial access to life-saving cancer screenings. The $12 million cuts by Rick Perry and Jason Isaac leaves about 300,000 Texas women without a viable option for obtaining cervical and breast cancer screenings. These services need to be affordable so women don’t have to gamble with finding the proper provider.

I am supporting John Adams because he understands that we must prioritize women’s and children’s healthcare over petty politics. He is willing to stand up for us, and against a state legislature that votes to eliminate life-saving services to Texas women. Tell the legislature not to mess with Texas women by voting for John Adams.

San Marcos

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4 thoughts on “Letter: John Adams is right for women

  1. Why not put the child first. Ask Democrat John Adams if he is for life? In a debate on radio he mentions he is a Catholic. The last time I heard the Catholic church was pro life. Is he a Catholic or is he an Atheist? He stance proves he is the latter. The womb is the most dangerous place for a child with bureaucrats like DJA in office.
    Read the Declaration of Independence what are the first 3? Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Well you cannot have the last two if you do not have the first one.
    Where is it written that Isaac has done away with cancer screenings? That is just the narrative that DJA is trying to push following suit with the empty suit of a President in Washington. All you will get from Democrat John Adams is another Washington style bureaucrat.

  2. @jeff, lol? since when did washington bureaucrats come from midland? adams is pro-choice. hes a christian democrat. why is that so hard to believe? cancer screenings go away because of isaacs $12m family planning cut

  3. Washington style I said, not from Washington. Know the difference? You think all bureaucrats are from Washington?? Washington is where they get dirty, although your boy DJA is already achieved that without even being elected.
    No such thing as a Christian Democrat! Democrats support the slaughter of the innocent (unborn). And if I’m not mistaken I heard you all vote out God from your platform, all that was lacking was the Cock crowing 3 times. If you have a problem with that? Take it up with God.
    Btw DJA said on a radio show debate he was a catholic. The Catholic church is suing Obama admin. for reason similar. So he’s not much of either catholic or Christian as it appears with his stance on Life.
    Get off the Obama flavored Kool-Aid with your fear-mongering on cancer screenings and this war on women.

  4. I’m not sure where America got the idea that our nation was built on Christian ideologies. It wasn’t. Pick up any book written by any of the Founding Fathers and you will see how anti-religion they were. Ben Franklin was even quoted to say that lighthouses were more helpful than churches! Now John Adams has a clear understanding of the seperation of church and state and that is how he is a Christian Democrat. It has nothing to do with “Washington”. His support towards Women’s health also has nothing to do with “slaughtering the innocent”. It really has to do with screenings and helping women find treatment. Also, contraceptives such as birth control aren’t entirely prescribed solely as birth control. These prescriptions are given to women to help keep a regular cycle, (for those who can’t,) aid with severe menstrual cramps that can cause debilitating pain in some and are proven to help prevent cancer. Any candidate that is in favor of Women’s health isn’t trying to impose on your beliefs. If you are really concerned with the issue of abortions think about it this way: If offered preventative care there will actually be a decrease in any abortions needed. Also keep in mind Church and State are meant to be seperated…

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