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September 17th, 2012
Letter: A vote for Adams is a vote for adequately funding education


My husband and I moved to Dripping Springs 12 years ago specifically because we wanted a good school district for our fourth grade daughter. Thankfully, she graduated with honors in 2010, and we were extremely pleased with the high quality of her core academic courses, the range of electives she was offered, and especially with the strength of the theater and choir programs that she so dearly loved.

Unfortunately, just in the last two years since her graduation, we have watched with alarm as the district’s budget has been slashed, resulting in teachers being let go, class sizes growing larger, and certain electives no longer being made available.

This shameful educational decline can be directly linked to the poor voting record of our current State Rep. Jason Isaac. He claims to be “pro-education,” but his hypocritical actions speak much louder than his empty words of rhetoric. He has consistently voted to cut the educational spending required to sustain and support our ever-growing school populations.

I will vote to replace him this November with a more trustworthy candidate named John Adams. I know Mr. Adams and his family, and I’ve watched him serve on our DSISD school board for the past six years with honor and accountability. Like me, he believes in the words of our Texas State Constitution, Article 7, where it says the legislature is duty bound to provide for the support and maintenance of our free public schools.

Mr. Adams has a background in science, math, and business, so he understands that we must invest in education now if we expect to see a better future. I strongly urge the people in District 45 to vote for John Adams this November to be our new State Representative.


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8 thoughts on “Letter: A vote for Adams is a vote for adequately funding education

  1. Perhaps you should research (D)John Adams further. To add to that I went to the recent SM vs DS football game and in arriving there I noticed the Tigers practice field is an AstroTurf field. Wow an Astroturf field for practice? That runs in the neighborhood of $500,000. How many teacher jobs is that? No Democrat John Adams is not good for HD45 and he has bitten off more than he can chew.

    Click the link to see what (D) Adams has to say.

  2. Dude this is Texas, most schools have state of the art football fields. That’s something the citizens voted for in a bond package, not the school board. Anyway the important thing for the voters to remember is that Jason voted to de-fund schools and libraries.

    oh yeah
    Keep on Los’n with Susan

  3. Oh I get it because it might have been done thru a “BOND” it is not taxed thru the system like teachers pay.
    No, even if it was voted on thru a Bond it’s still a Tax. Paid for by the taxpayer Just like the teachers pay Super Int. etc.
    A Tax is a Tax is a Tax.
    Curious why you didn’t touch on SB8 that your boy (D) John Adams supported. SB8 cut Teachers salaries and furloughs. Does that not matter to you? Or do you just believe what every Dem. tells you? Look up the facts for yourself.

    Your pulling a Pelosi on us. You want to vote him in before you even know what he’s about.

    It’s called being fiscally responsible. Learn to do the same or more with less.

    As far as Los’n. Well, look me up on 11/6/2012 see if your singing the same tune.

  4. I predict that Duke will take enough votes away from Jason that Adams will win with less than 50% of the vote.

  5. Jeff, What’s the annual maintenance on real grass versus fake grass, especially in an area that suffers from chronic water shortages?

    Without the cuts in the state budget for schools, there is no need for the flexiblity measures in SB8. Issac and the rest of the Republicans knew they were making cuts that would knock the school finance system out of constitutional compliance, thus causing a serious of expense lawsuits that the state will lose. But they made Grover Norquist happy and didn’t use the rainy day fund for what it intended and kicked the can down the road past this election. That’s fiscal responsibilty?

  6. sb8 didnt pass, so who cares

    narvaiz will lose. not bc she should, but bc she doesnt have the support ($/ppl) to beat doggett. simple numbers game

    a tax is a tax — true. i dont like them, you dont like them. but if the people of a community vote for them, its their responsibility (not school board members)

    poindexter is a smart man

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