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San Marcos, other Hays cities may join forces with California water company

Kyle, Buda, San Marcos plan to pump water from Carrizo-Wilcox aquifer The Hays Caldwell Public Utility Agency is planning a 40-mile-long pipeline to pump water from eastern Caldwell County to a collaboration of entities including the cities of Kyle, Buda and San Marcos. The first phase alone, scheduled to be online by 2020, is estimated to cost more than $100 million. The agency has already leased 17,000 acres in Caldwell County. MERCURY GRAPHIC by BRAD ROLLINS.


San Marcos and the rest of a cross-county effort to secure a future longterm water supply are poised to explore a partnership with its chief competitor for groundwater rights in the Carrizo-Wilcox Aquifer east of the Austin-San Antonio corridor.


» Letter of intent between the Hays Caldwell Public Utility Agency and the Texas Water Alliance [pdf]


The Hays Caldwell Public Utility Agency’s board on Wednesday adopted a letter of intent to work with Texas Water Alliance, a subsidiary of the publicly traded San Jose (Calif.) Water Company (SJW Corp.). The two have agreed to discuss sharing the massive upfront cost of building well fields to pump, a plant to treat and a pipeline to transport groundwater from eastern Caldwell and northern Gonzales counties to high-growth areas along Interstate 35 and Texas 130.

The public utility agency has an application pending with the Gonzalez County Underground Water District that would allow San Marcos and its partners — Kyle, Buda and the Canyon Regional Water Authority — to pump 10,300 acre-feet of water a year from the Carrizo-Wilcox when it needs the supply; as of July, the agency has signed longterm ground leases on 17,841 acres where it intends to pump water. TWA is applying for the right to pump and transport 15,000 acre-feet from the same area and bring it westward, including to its existing wholesale customer that provides retail water service around Canyon Lake and other rapidly developing areas of Comal County. An acre-foot is 325,851 gallons.

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