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June 25th, 2012
Texas State, Tech game won’t air on Longhorn Network


A Sept. 8 football game between Texas State and Texas Tech will stream on ESPN3, the network’s internet video platform, Western Athletic Conference officials said today.

The announcement seemingly sidesteps a threat from Texas Tech athletic brass, reported in the San Marcos Mercury and elsewhere, to cancel the game rather than have it air on the Longhorn Network.

Texas Tech sources had said they are “adamantly opposed to playing on the Longhorn Network,” which is a collaboration between ESPN and Tech’s Big 12 competitor, the University of Texas.

The conference’s statement today did not say on which of ESPN’s platforms the Saturday, Sept. 29 game between Texas State and the University of Nevada will air. That matchup is the only other Texas State game that ESPN has announced with be televised or streamed online.

Texas State’s 2012 season — its first in the NCAA’s Football Bowl Subdivision, formerly called Division I-A — gets underway 7 p.m. Sept. 1 at the University of Houston followed by the home opener a week later against Tech. The Texas State-Texas Tech game kicks off at 6 p.m., the WAC has announced.

Texas State’s time in the WAC will be short-lived. The athletic department has already announced its intention to move to the Sun Belt Conference starting in fall 2013.

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13 thoughts on “Texas State, Tech game won’t air on Longhorn Network

  1. Now, it won’t air on television at all, which means less exposure. At least it should better the chances to fill the stadium. I hope the people of Lubbock are pleased that they will now have to crowd around their laptop and watch grainy, halting online streaming of their team — well-played technical school.

  2. They said ESPN3, which is their online streaming. I just added the description of ESPN3 into the story.

  3. Right on the money, Skeptical. Here’s a clever comment from a Burnt Orange Nation contributor:

    “Congrats TTU

    “Your temper tantrum landed your game on the only network where it will be seen less than were it on LHN:

    “WAC/ESPN officials have announced that Texas Tech’s game at Texas State will air on ESPN3 (WatchESPN) and kickoff at 6 p.m. CT”

    “Nose, meet face. You used to be attached.”

  4. Oh poor Craig. You must live a life of desperate frustration. Your signature saying above is so, let’s say, ubersophisticated. At the same time, it’s searing stab at the hated “TU” leaves the reader breathless. How on earth did you come up with something that is apparently so reflective of your personality?

    You may wish to watch the TSU game streamed onto your laptop, you will will have to put up with the starts and stops of the ever present buffering. And since it’s formatted for a small screen, if you stream it to your TV, the picture likely will be less than pleasant to watch. And the shaky reception will continue.

    Oh yes, there’s something else. It’s a good possibility that ESPN would have streamed the game through ESPNWatch even if it had been shown on the Longhorn Network. So either way you get the game online, for what that’s worth.

    So once again, TT has let its lack of institutional esteem further erode its already suffering image. I truly hope that the Bobcats win this game, and a big win would be extra nice.

  5. Thanks Ted. TSU stands for Texas Southern and/or perhaps Tarleton State. To abbreviate Texas State, say TXST or just State. And yes, a big win against the Red Raiders would be sweet. Can’t wait for the game regardless! I took a peek inside the stadium from the endzone complex side the other day & its impressive!

    Go Bobcats!

  6. The habit of referring to our local university as TSU seems to build more momentum every year. My guess is that it won’t be long until it is the norm. Sorry to the other schools that go by TSU…..but it looks like the Cats are taking over…..

  7. I understand most of you guys have never watched a game on ESPN3 but it is actually really nice. The picture quality is really good, especially if you use the ESPN app on an xbox 360. The game will be nationwide instead of the 14 people that now have the Longhorn Network.

    Plus, as a proud TxSt alumn living in Austin, I don’t want to let UT make money (broadcasting our game) on their network. Texas Tech was right to bitch about it.

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