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June 7th, 2012
Retail sales set San Marcos record in April

April 2012 April 2011 Difference 2012 YTD 2011 YTD Difference
Hays County 930,782 891,397 4.41% 5,884,045 5,424,730 8.46%
San Marcos 1,714,757 1,492,500 14.89% 10,753,722 10,038,419 7.12%
Buda 262,506 269,942 (-2.75%) 1,734,511 1,698,903 2.09%
Kyle 269,170 257,077 4.70% 1,738,309 1,556,455 11.68%
Dripping Springs 106,010 98,544 7.57% 596,877 596,877 14.38%
Wimberley 46,594 41,173 13.16% 305,639 282,599 8.15%


Sales tax collections received in June bounded upward by 14.89 percent, setting a record for retail sales for the month of April in San Marcos.

The monthly receipts generated a total of $1,714,757, an increase of $222,257 compared to a year ago. Since the beginning of the fiscal year on October 1, San Marcos sales tax revenues are up by 5.9 percent.

“We are glad to see a strong increase as we head into the last quarter of our fiscal year,” said Mayor Daniel Guerrero. “This is the largest sales tax collection for the month of April and is a positive sign for our economy.”

The city’s share of April sales also increased 4.7 percent in Kyle, which added $269,170 to its coffers; Kyle is ahead 11.68 percent over its 2011 year-to-date receipts. The county government’s sales tax revenue also increased in April to $930,782, a 4.41 percent jump, and the county’s receipts are so far running ahead of last year’s by 8.46 percent.

Buda, meanwhile, recorded the second straight month of modest revenue declines. In April, Buda sales dropped to $262,506, an 2.75 percent decrease over April 2011. Sales tax revenue for the year is up 2.09 percent in Buda, however, with five months left in the fiscal year.

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