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June 5th, 2012
Buda cans economic development director Ketteman



Buda Economic Development Corp. leadership has fired executive director Warren Ketteman, who  led the agency for nearly a decade, the Hays Free Press reports.

The corporation’s city council-appointed board voted 5-0, with one abstention, Monday evening not to renew Ketteman’s contract, which was set to expire with the end of the fiscal year on Sept. 30. Instead, they terminated his employment agreement effective immediately and asked him to turn in his keys before leaving.

“Sometimes relationships just go bad. Sometimes there are times to move on,” board chair Cathy Chilcote said following the vote, the Free Press reported.

Said Ketteman, “I would also concur that, yes, it is time to move on. The relationship with the board and myself is not in a good place, and I don’t think it’s salvageable.”

Ketteman’s sole remaining backer on the board, Antonio Sosa, said he was blindsided by the decision and he refused to vote yes or no. The Free Press reported:

The board members voted to hire an attorney, Charlie Zech, as special counsel at the urging of Chilcote, who said the EDC’s regular attorney had a strong relationship with Ketteman but did not adequately represent the board. Then, as Zech took his seat at the table, the directors began talking about Ketteman’s removal.

Sosa left the boardroom when the members were preparing to vote. When he found out they were waiting on him to cast his yea or nay, he tried to leave again before announcing that he would abstain.

“I’m upset as I can be. I’m totally surprised by this,” he said. “Warren has not done the wrongs that we’re conniving here. I believe in what he was doing and I still do. He had an excellent record.”

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3 thoughts on “Buda cans economic development director Ketteman

  1. I don’t know too much about Buda politics (on purpose), but the article makes it sound like there was a pretty clear divide between the “old guard” in Buda and the “new guard”.

    Some of the comments of the Chairman of the Corp sound more than a little petty, though. It almost sounds like they axed him because he was looking for a new job? Ahh…local politics….

  2. The irony is that when Ketteman ran for city council he was asked why he ran against Tenorio and not Chilcote. He said he had nothing against Tenorio, it was that he and Chilcote were such good friends and neighbors. It appears Chilcote didn’t feel the same way and by the looks of it she organized the whole dirty deal.

    It might have been time for a change but this was handled in the worst possible way.

    I wonder what this will do to Chilcote’s re-election campiagn? I doubt this will be forgotten by November.

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