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June 4th, 2012
Central Texas in line for new area code


The Public Utility Commission is encouraging Central Texas telephone customers within the 512 area code to comment on a plan to add the 737 area code to the 512 territory.

The commission says the new area code is needed to handle regional growth along with the added demand for new wireless phone numbers and business landlines. Area code 512 serves Hays, Travis, Williamson, Burnet, Lampasas, Caldwell, Bastrop, Lee, Milam, Mills, Coryell, San Saba, Bell, Fayette, Guadalupe, Comal, Blanco, Llano and Burleson counties.

The planned all-services overlay means current customers in the 512 area code will get to keep their 512 numbers. New customers could be assigned either the 737 or the 512 area code. All customers would be required to dial 10 digits for all local calls and 11 digits for long distance.

The remaining available numbers in the 512 area code are forecast to last until late 2013. The plan calls for a permissive six-month period of either seven or 10-digit dialing from December 2012 through May 2013. Mandatory 10-digit dialing is scheduled to begin in June 2013 followed by activation of the 737 area code in July 2013.

For information, contact the PUC by calling 1-888-782-8477 (1-888-PUC-TIPS), or by emailing

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8 thoughts on “Central Texas in line for new area code

  1. The official news release for this was May 2nd, and the public meeting for comments was May 17th. (According to the website linked in the article.)

    Not sure we have any say about this at this point…..

  2. I recall back in the early ’90s when they threatened to take 512 away from Austin and the power-brokers pitched a fit. Austin got to keep 512 and I think it was Corpus who had it but lost it. It’s really kind of a pain for big companies who have to change the area code in several places (web, letterhead, etc.)

  3. I did not receive the news release and just saw it today on the Hays Free Press website and decided to pick it up. Sorry if the comment period has lapsed but it’s still something people might want to know about.

  4. San Antonio had 512 until 20 years ago. They adjusted.

    But I, too, wish our proposed overlay code was 666, purely for immature reasons. My guess is that would be the last code to be assigned anywhere in the US.

  5. I lived in Luling growing up, and I can remember going from 512 to 210 to 830 in a matter of just a couple of years. It was pretty weird to be able to dial a different area code and have it still be a “local” call (before they shrunk the local calling area so much).

    Of course, when I was a kid, you could dial local with just five digits too.

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