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May 30th, 2012
Texas State wins award for Spring Lake restoration

Staff and guests celebrate the opening of the Texas State University's Rivers Systems Institute, housed in a former hotel at the springfed headwaters of the San Marcos River. TEXAS STATE PHOTO


Texas State University has won a Community Stewardship Award from the Envision Central Texas organization for the Spring Lake Aquatic Restoration project.

Texas State was honored in the Natural Infrastructure category during a special presentation held recently in Austin. The Natural Infrastructure category recognizes an individual, company, organization or governmental entity for planning and beginning implementation of a significant project designed to enhance or protect the region’s environment and natural resources.

The Spring Lake Aquatic Restoration includes the removal of structures associated with the former Aquarena Springs theme park, grassland restoration, removal of exotic vegetation, establishment of a vegetated buffer zone between Spring Lake and the adjacent golf course and removal of all submerged structures associated with the former theme park.

The goal is to restore in-stream aquatic habitats, wetland resources and water quality conditions to benefit resident and migratory wildlife species in Spring Lake.

The project is being done in partnership with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Spring Lake is home to eight Federally-listed endangered species. It is also the site of significant archaeological resources, with artifacts showing the site has been inhabited by humans for 13,000 years, making the location unique in North America.

Envision Central Texas presented Community Stewardship Awards in six categories. In addition to the natural infrastructure award, presentations were made for new development, redevelopment, public planning and policy, innovation, and raising public awareness.

Envision Central Texas, a regional non-profit planning organization, was created in 2001 to lead and implement the development of a regional vision to address rapid growth in Central Texas. Its mission is to serve as a catalyst for regional cooperation and planning to help preserve and enhance natural resources, economic vitality, social equity and the quality of living in Central Texas.


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3 thoughts on “Texas State wins award for Spring Lake restoration

  1. How exactly can you give out this award if the project isn’t even close to 50% complete and is already way over budget? All they have done is taken out all of the plants on shore and haven’t even began the process of replacing them with natives. Interested to see how it actually turns out.

  2. I miss the old colors of the ‘hotel’: white and blue, and the lovely lotus flower sculptures they removed. It would have been wonderful if they had kept some of the previous structures for visitors to enjoy.

  3. Actually the removal of non native plants & plant restoration process has been underway for years. Plus the old restaurant & other buildings are gone. One underwater theater was removed last week & the other will be removed soon. Texas State is making excellent progress and I have no doubt the area will be restored. They are very deserving of that award.

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